Lauren London Shares What’s Aided Her Depression Since Nipsey Hussle’s Death

No one is ever truly prepared to lose the love of their life, and none can be more true than in the case of Nipsey Hussle’s death, which left his longtime love Lauren London in shock. It’s been three years since Hussle’s passing, and London is still on the path to healing. Along the way, she’s learned some interesting things about depression, one of which is how food contributes to how one feels. 

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle attend movie premiere; London says she's learned since Hussle's death that eating healthy aids depression
Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Lauren London says eating healthier aids in her depressive moments since Nipsey Hussle’s death

Since losing the Victory Lap rapper, London has shifted her focus to her personal and family life. Understandably, she’s experienced a great deal of depression at times, noting that there were days when she couldn’t move, shower, and even questioned if she’d ever laugh again. While dealing with it, she says she realized how food could alter her moods. 

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“One of the greatest things I’ve learned that I’m still learning is that food really helps with depression. I’m an emotional eater, so my weight fluctuates, so I get sad and want to eat a Twix or pizza, and stuff like that, but it would make me more depressed,” she admitted to radio legend, Angie Martinez, during an appearance on her In Real Life podcast. “I learned that when I ate higher vibrational foods, I wasn’t so down, I wasn’t so deep in my depression. So that’s one of those things I’m still trying to apply. 

The actor also realized that healing is not a destination

Aside from paying attention to what she’s putting into her body, London has also discovered that healing takes true time. She says there are good and bad days in her grieving, but she’s patient with herself through it all.

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“Healing is such an up and down experience,” she said. “It’s not just like, ‘I’m going to become a fairy godmother and then fly away.’ I don’t know if that’s [being fully healed] is for anyone. I’ve just learned that it does go up and down.” 

She explains how her faith has been tested since Nipsey Hussle’s death

Within her grieving process, the Without Remorse star says her relationship with God has remained the most important factor in her life besides her children. But it hasn’t been an easy journey.

“I remember hearing people say, ‘You don’t really have a relationship [with God] until you question God.’ And I had a lot of questions afterward. Real ones,” she told Martinez. “I prayed really hard when I heard he had gotten shot, and then I felt like, ‘Oh my prayer didn’t work? So prayer didn’t work.’ So then I was like, ‘What’s really going on? Why? How?’ I feel like God dropped the ball on me. That’s how I felt. I took it real personal.”

But after some time, London says her thought process about what she’s been experiencing changed. “Then, I started to feel like, ‘Why not you?’ Who are you? Women go through this daily. Why not you?’ So I had to get out of my ego. And then, my relationship started,” she added.

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