Lauren Sorrentino’s ‘Holy Grail’ Beauty Products

Lauren Sorrentino (née Pesce) might be a reality star, but she’s also a beauty and fashion guru. Now, Sorrentino is looking to take on more projects in the world of glam. Discover how Sorrentino is pursuing her dreams in the fashion world, as well as which beauty products she considers to be her “holy grail.”  

Lauren Sorrentino (née Pesce) and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino
Mike and Lauren Sorrentino | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Lauren Sorrentino studied fashion in college 

Before joining her husband in the world of entertainment, Sorrentino studied fashion at LIM College in New York City. She majored in business with a focus on merchandising and interned with some of the industry’s biggest names. 

“I was able to intern at some incredible places in their buying and business departments,” Sorrentino told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. Throughout her college experience, Sorrentino worked for Chanel’s corporate office, Bergdorf Goodman,, and Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Lauren used to run Style Bae 

After college, Sorrentino started her life and style blog, Style Bae. The site no longer seems to be owned or run by Sorrentino, but the blog once served as a space for her to showcase her favorite styles. 

While Style Bae stood for “Style Before Anything Else,” Sorrentino would also share fitness tips, healthy recipes, DIY tutorials, and beauty favorites on the blog. 

‘Laurens’ is getting back into fashion 

Sorrentino worked for Macy’s and Saks after college but eventually started to realize the amount of time her work required didn’t match the lifestyle she wanted. 

“[Working in fashion] was kind of a lifestyle that wasn’t aligning with my schedule,” she explained. “I had to reset and figure out what was going to work with my future life. I was sad to leave that career path, and I always hoped I [would] find a new way to bring it back into my life.” 

Now, she has. Sorrentino has partnered with Carli Mink, owner of Eleventh Hour, to collaborate on a sunglasses line.

“When I found Eleventh Hour [sunglasses], I saw the work and the craftsmanship and the quality [Carli] put behind [the brand] and just felt something like that under $100 is unheard of,” Sorrentino explained. “I was really excited to work with her and bring it to the masses.” 

Sorrentino’s Jet Set collection is available now through Eleventh Hour. 

Lauren Sorrentino wants to explore more in beauty and fashion 

When we asked about what’s next for Sorrentino in the world of fashion and beauty, she said she would love to pursue more projects in both realms. 

“I am obsessed with all beauty products,” she shared. “I love makeup and stuff like that, but I’m really into skincare.” 

As a fan of products that use clean ingredients that are safe for your face and the environment, Sorrentino calls herself a “beauty junkie.”

Sorrentino has used “The Sitautions” YouTube channel to feed into her passion for beauty and fashion. She has shared her skincare routine, favorite products, and even glam videos with fans. Sorrentino plans to continue making this type of content in the future. 

Lauren Sorrentino’s favorite beauty products 

Sorrentino and her husband have been an open book for their fans. Sharing about their lives has become ingrained in who they are as public figures. From their pregnancy journey to her husband’s prison sentence, the Sorrentinos have been very open about every aspect of their lives — including their beauty routines! 

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Both Sorrentinos take excellent care of their skin, as documented on their respective Instagram profiles. Mrs. Sorrentino has shared her “holy grail” of skin products for those fans looking to get the same glow she has. Some of her favorites include face masks, Drunk Elephant products, and drug store brands like CeraVe.