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In the history of the hit series Law & Order: SVU, the detectives have been put in some interesting situations over the years. Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), who now has his own spinoff called Law & Order: Organized Crime, once hid “in a trunk” during a case. We have all the details to know. 

Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler in 'Law & Order: SVU' Season 7, Episode 13
Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler in ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 7, Episode 13 | Will Hart/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Season 7, Episode 13 ‘Blast’

The episode starts with a little girl named Carly Hunter who is abducted and taken in a van by a man wearing a mask. The van is spotted a few blocks away, and the detectives rush over to find blood in the van, which belongs to Carly. It was from a nosebleed, and Dr. Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie) reveals that Carly has leukemia that’s untreated based on the blood left behind.

Carly’s parents, the Hunters, receive a phone call from the person who abducted Carly while Warner is there. The person tells them to “wait for instructions,” and if they were to call the police, they’d kill Carly. Pamela Hunter (Kaitlin Hopkins), and her husband, Jake Hunter (Tom Verica), Carly’s parents, wait to hear from the abductor again.

They finally get another call, realizing they’re being watched as the man on the other end of the phone asks about Warner. The man asks Jake to get $300,000. He leaves to go to the bank, and Warner calls Stabler, filling him in.

Detective Elliot Stabler once hid ‘in a trunk’ during an abduction case

Jake returns with the money, and they get a fax telling them to go to the garage and “put the money in the trunk.” They are told to drive to a certain location where a cell phone is located in a bag under a dumpster, and they are told to press “redial,” which will direct them where to drive. The abductor wants Warner to bring the money by herself. 

Warner follows the instructions and makes the call to head to a new location at the piers. She is told to “take the money out of the trunk…and wait.” Warner gets the money out of the trunk, which is in a bag. Inside the trunk is Stabler. The trunk stays slightly propped open.

Someone else pulls up with a mask on. He gets out of the car and tells Warner to walk, but she isn’t inclined to do so without seeing Carly. But she does, and Carly is told to “sit up.” Next, the adductor tells Warner to put the money down, “and go back to the car.”

But Warner doesn’t budge without taking Carly with her. Warner talks to Carly, telling her to come over to her. She starts moving to get out of the car, to which the abductor doesn’t seem OK with. Then a security guard comes upon them, and the abductor gets back in the car, telling Carly to do the same. He starts to drive off as Stabler gets out of the trunk and Warner bangs on the abductor’s car, and she ends up falling. Stabler shoots at the car, but the abductor gets away with Carly. 

A fan on Reddit recently posted about Stabler in the trunk

On July 5, 2021, a fan on Reddit shared a video of their television on a stand during the moment when Warner gets the bag of money out of the car, and Stabler can be seen inside the trunk and Warner looks at him. The post is titled, “S7 E13 this shot of Stabler hiding in a trunk almost brought me to tears.” Fans commented on the post with their own thoughts.

“That’s Melinda’s ‘why do I put up with this s*** face,’” a fan added in the comments.

“Lowkey one of my favorite Stabler moments ever. 😭😂,” a Reddit user wrote.

One fan said, “I seriously laugh every time I see him in the trunk.”

While another fan says, “I love this episode,” and they can’t be the only ones, as the episode is jam-packed.

They finally find Carly, and things get even more extreme


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They track the fax to a “copy shop” based on a “microscopic tracking code” on the paper. They also find sodium chloride, or rock salt, where the car had been and in the tire tracks. A storage yard for a company that made rock salt is nearby to all the other locations corresponding to the abduction, including the copy shop. The detectives go to the storage yard where they find Carly, who’s been drugged by “cold syrup.”

They get Carly to the hospital just in time, and she is stabilized. She is treated for both hypothermia and the drugs, which she was overdosed on. The next day she is given her chemotherapy treatment, and Stabler talks to her, where she reveals she was given a certain drink called a “chocofizzie,” which is what Carly’s brother would call it.

Stabler learns about Daniel (Shawn Reaves), Carly’s older brother who is 23. The parents hadn’t seen Daniel in five years, and he’s addicted to cocaine. It turns out the parents kicked him out of the house after Carly stumbled onto his drugs. But his father still spoke to him, giving him money from time to time. Jake recently refused a large sum of money to Daniel.

Stabler and Warner find themselves in the bank to talk to Jake about his son where he works when his son comes in with a gun, shooting up the place, and high on drugs. Warner alerts the captain, and Daniel has someone get the money out of the vault. He ends up shooting his own father when a security officer fires at him.

The hostages are allowed to go, but Stabler and Warner stay with Jake. Warner is able to save Jake when his lungs are collapsing. Daniel shoots at the doors leading to the outside where the cops are waiting for him. He was preparing to die by being shot by the police, but Warner wounds him in the leg with a gunshot, and he’s taken into custody.

Season 7, episode 13 of SVU is full of twists and turns, and it involves a moment where Stabler once hid “in a trunk.”