‘Law & Order: SVU’: Fans Love Jamie Gray Hyder’s New Bag That Includes Some Comments From Fans on It

Law & Order: SVU has a new officer on the squad. Her name is Katriona “Kat” Azar Tamin and she’s played by Jamie Gray Hyder. Kat is spunky and eager, and she just wants to do some good out there.

Hyder, who plays Kat, recently shared on her social media a hilarious bag that people can’t stop talking about. It includes some unique comments from fans of the series. Read on to learn more and you might be laughing just as hard as we are.

Not everyone’s a fan of ‘SVU’s’ newest officer

Jamie Gray Hyder
Jamie Gray Hyder | Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

You can’t always please everyone, and that goes for characters on shows as well. Back in February, a fan of the series made a comment about SVU’s newest officer, and not everyone seems to agree with it.

“I like the new detective on #svu Benson just has to take her under her wing a little longer @JGHyder,” a fan wrote.

Another Twitter user took the time to comment and reply back simply with a, “No.”

Hyder retweeted to her fans. “Anne’s not playing, y’all. #icecold,” Hyder wrote.

Hyder has a new bag with the tweets on it, literally

Hyder recently shared an image of a new bag with her fans. It’s super unique because it includes the first comment about Kat as well as the stoic opinion of, “No.”

“Happy (very) early birthday to me from #SVU costumer @drowzylightning!! 😂 I am dying. Everyone remember my fave troll, Anne?? Now, my forever grocery buddy… 🙏🏼💕✨ Thanks for keeping me decent throughout shooting and laughing during #quarantine!” Hyder captioned the post.

Fans love Hyder’s new bag

People really seem to dig Hyder’s new grocery bag. It’s more than perfect as well as unique. And the best part is that it came from a friend and colleague at SVU.

Fans are loving the way Hyder is flaunting the hate in the best way. “Way to go throwing shade at your haters! I love you on the show. You’ve been a great addition to the cast,” a fan of the series wrote in the comments on Instagram.

“How could she even?! Great gift,” a fan said.

Another fan just finds the humor in the situation and appreciates how Hyder is taking it. “Hahaha, you gotta have some humor🤣 At least it only says no. Can’t stand nasty comments online. And I think your character is a breath of fresh air,” the user wrote.

People took the time to wish Hyder a happy early birthday. “Happy early b day luv! This is amazing! So proud of you,” someone else said.

One fan remembers the first time they saw the actress on SVU. They were hoping she would be a “new addition,” and they were right.

“You’re amazing I remember watching the first episode you were in and I was like…I like her I hope she’s a new addition. Happy Birthday,” another fan wrote.

Fans of Law & Order: SVU seem to love Jamie Gray Hyder’s new bag and the way she handles the hate.