‘Law & Order: SVU’: Fans Weigh in on Olivia Benson’s Worst Boyfriends

Law & Order: SVU wouldn’t be the same without Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). She’s a fierce detective that’s seen it all and she wants nothing more than to help victims and take down the bad guys. Fans absolutely love her and some viewers of the series recently discussed who is the worst of Benson’s old boyfriends. Read on to learn what fans said.

Benson has dated men that fans aren’t on board with

Mariska Hargitay
Mariska Hargitay | Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

There’s been a number of men over the years that Benson has dated, but two seem to keep coming up. Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) and Ed Tucker (Robert John Burke).

Cassidy used to be a detective on the SVU squad back in the day, which is where he met Benson. He’s had issues in the past getting along with his fellow detectives and he’s had two criminal investigations centered on him in the past. Some fans feel he wasn’t a good fit for Benson in the slightest.

Ed Tucker was an Internal Affairs Bureau officer for a number of years where he bumped heads with Benson and her old partner. Years later, he and Benson had a relationship for a while before things fizzled out.

Fans weigh in on Cassidy and Tucker

Cassidy and Tucker kept coming up when fans talked about Benson’s worst boyfriends on Reddit. They each seemed to leave an impression on viewers of the series over the years. Fans just want Benson to be happy and neither of these guys could ever fully make that happen, at least not for long.

One Reddit user thinks Cassidy is the worst of Benson’s old flames. “Cassidy ****** me off because he couldn’t keep it together,” they explained.

Another user described Cassidy to be just like the guys they used to go for, which gave them a bias about the situation. “I think I loved him [Brian Cassidy] the most with Olivia because he’s exactly like the last few guys I dated before my current relationship. I really wanted them to make it,” a Reddit user reasoned.

Numerous fans consider Cassidy to be the worst of Benson’s exes. “Cassidy was a classic study of toxic masculinity. He treated Liv like crap and it was hard to watch her get treated like that,” a fan said.

Some other fans of the series consider Tucker to be the worst man Benson ever dated. “Tucker followed closely by Brian Cassidy, I love Dean Winters he is super attractive but Cassidy and Liv… no Bueno,” they explained.

Other fans seem to agree that Tucker is the worst one obviously. “Tucker by a mile,” another fan said.

Fans of the hit series SVU just want Olivia Benson to be happy. Cassidy and Tucker seemed to do that for a while, but it wasn’t long-lasting. Benson deserves someone to make her feel safe and loved, and that’s what fans are hoping she will finally find. Hopefully Benson will find a new love sometime soon.