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Law & Order: SVU finally brought Dominick Carisi and Amanda Rollins together this season. But after seeing Nick Amaro return for one episode, some fans can’t help but wonder if he was a better match for Rollins.

(l-r) Danny Pino as Detective Nick Amaro, Peter Scanavino as Dominick Carisi, Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins in 'Law & Order SVU'
(l-r) Danny Pino as Detective Nick Amaro, Peter Scanavino as Dominick Carisi, Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins in ‘Law & Order SVU’ | Will Hart/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Rollins and Carisi are dating on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ 

A Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Carisi (Peter Scanavino) romance has been teased for years on Law & Order: SVU. The former SVU partners have gotten closer over the years. And after their epic kiss in the season 22 finale, the two are officially dating in season 23. 

In a chat with Smashing Interviews Magazine, Kelli Giddish, who plays Rollins, talked about her character’s love life. And she suggested Carisi is the best match for her, considering how many disappointing figures she’s had in her life. 

“I think it’s something that the fans really wanted to see, and to be able to actually show that in an organic way, especially with Rollins having been assaulted in her past, to see her with such a good guy and someone that cares about her so much is really an important thing to show our audience,” Giddish said.

“Like, here’s a survivor of assault, and look at her now,” she added. “There’s trust, there’s hope, there’s a deep, deep relationship if you can just keep going and believe it, believe in other people, believe in yourself, and just keep going. I think it’s a very important thing to be showing.”

Rollins had a complicated relationship with Nick Amaro

Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) and Rollins had a complicated relationship on Law & Order: SVU. The detectives never explained the details of their romance. 

But in the season 15 episode, “Reasonable Doubt,” Amaro emerges from Rollin’s bathroom in just a towel, suggesting he’s staying with her or at least showering at her place. And in season 16’s “Holden’s Manifesto,” the two shy away from answering a question about their relationship. 

Amaro was married but separated from his wife at the time. And Amanda was still dealing with her family issues. So the two, as it seemed, were more like friends with benefits than an actual couple. 

‘Law & Order: SVU’ fans weigh in on who’s better for Rollins, Amaro or Carisi

While many are thrilled to see Rollins and Carisi dating, some Law & Order: SVU fans aren’t on board with that ship. After seeing Amaro return in Season 23’s “The Five Hundredth Episode,” a few wondered if he would have been a better match for Rollins. 

“I always wanted Rollins and Amaro to be together,” one Reddit fan wrote. “Not because they’re a good match but because there was so much tension between them that the writers simply wasted.”


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“They should’ve ended together, and I would be content with it,” another Reddit user added. “Too bad they always made them so incompatible in the past. But they both grew as characters and currently, they would be a great match. Plus they are (fire) together.”

But others pointed out how much baggage Amaro had. And they suggested Carisi is the right man for Rollins because of how much he loves her. 

“Definitely Carisi,” another Redditor shared. “I don’t think Amaro was ever serious about her, and the reverse. I think they were toxic. I think her and Carisi are good for each other.”