Lea Michele Wrote a Sweet Love Letter to Jonathan Groff

Glee star Lea Michele isn’t shy about her feelings for fellow actor Jonathan Groff. The two have been close friends for many years, so she dedicated a section of her book to him, which she refers to as a ‘love letter,’ to show her appreciation. Here are the sweet things she said about Groff.

Lea Michele says Jonathan Groff showed her what a real friend is

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In her book, Brunette Ambition, Lea Michele says she didn’t fully understand what a best friend is until she met Jonathan Groff. Her relationship with him helped her see what true friendship is about.

“When I decided to write this book, I knew I couldn’t do it without devoting an entire section to Jonathan Groff,” wrote Michele. “He’s my best friend in the entire world—in fact, it’s fair to say that I didn’t understand the concept until I met him. He’s been through more ups and downs with me than anyone else. He’s like a brother, and I love him like crazy.”

Lea Michele first met Jonathan Groff at an audition for ‘Spring Awakening’

Michele and Groff first met when they were auditioning for roles in the play “Spring Awakening.” The Glee actor said Groff didn’t have a great sense of style. According to her, his pants were too short, his hair wasn’t right, and his shirt wasn’t crisp. Here’s how Michele described that day:

We needed to find a guy to play Melchior. And in walked Jonathan Groff, this kid from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, wearing jeans that were way too short and a shirt that had clearly been washed when it needed to have been dry-cleaned. And the gel! His hair was as hard as a rock. I looked at him and thought, ‘What a sweet boy, but he’s never going to get this part.’

I helped him that day because it was clear that he was the nicest person. I can’t take much credit because there was a huge amount of talent beneath the badly fitting outfit and hair gel! Not only did he get the part, but he ended up getting a Tony nomination and the launchpad for an incredibly successful career.

Lea Michele in ‘Brunette Ambition’

Lea Michele says Jonathan Groff helped her put herself ‘together’

Michele says she’s grateful for Groff’s presence in her life. In her book, Michele says she feels free to be herself around him and she never feels judged. Her book dedication is a thank-you to Groff for all the laughter, good times, and support.  

“To this day, I’ve never met someone who has understood me more than Jonathan—I can completely be myself, with all my different quirks, and never feel judged,” wrote Michele. “I’ve laughed harder, and cried harder, with Jonathan than I have with anyone else. We’ve been kicked out of Broadway shows for falling into fits of giggles in the audience, and I’ve literally shown up on his doorstep with my heart broken. He always helps me put myself together.”

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