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LeBron James is one of the most respected basketball players in NBA history. The star has been in the limelight since he was a high school basketball marvel, and through it all, he has maintained one of the longest-lasting relationships in the celeb world. James and his partner Savannah James have been together since high school and continue to love each other daily. The basketball pro recently posted a love letter to Savannah, which melted fans’ hearts on Instagram.

The love story of NBA legend LeBron James and his wife, Savannah

The story of LeBron James and Savannah James seems like something that dropped right out of a rom-com or romantic novel. The power couple attended rival high schools and met when she was 16 and he was 17. James attended St. Vincent-St. Mary while Savannah attended Buchtel.

The duo met during a football game, and he tried impressing Savannah with his basketball skills, but she wasn’t taken with them, so when he asked for her number through one of their friends, Savannah held back on reaching out.

However, she decided to call James out of boredom to see if his interest still stood. It turns out he was very much interested in her, and after hanging out at one of his games, James and Savannah went to an Outback Steakhouse, thus kicking off a lifelong partnership.

James and Savannah dated for years before he popped the big question on New Year’s Eve in 2011. James said in an interview that he had considered doing it for a while, and it all made sense one day. He proposed to Savannah with a diamond ring with a pear-shaped gem. She accepted his proposal, and they married in 2013 in a star-studded ceremony.

LeBron James melted hearts recently with a love letter to his wife

LeBron James and Savannah James at the Netflix World Premiere of 'Hustle' in Los Angeles, California
LeBron James and Savannah James | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Netflix

What’s the Net Worth of LeBron James’ Wife, Savannah James?

Savannah James has made it to her husband’s Instagram page several times, and it’s not surprising that he would write love notes to her. However, his recent post had fans melting with envy as he detailed how much he loved his longtime partner.

The pro player posted a series of photos on Instagram with him and his wife in their element with a lengthy caption. The note read in part, “A quick letter to my Queen. Simply letting you know I appreciate you more than this world has to offer.”

The post garnered several comments and likes, with several of the mogul’s fans appreciating the gesture toward his wife. Some of the comments read, “LeHeartfeltMessage,” “#kingoffthecourttoo,” and “High school sweethearts turned into a powerhouse.”

Many praised their love for one another, and even actor Tyrese Gibson couldn’t hold his appreciation in, writing, “When God sends a KING his QUEEN……. It’s all UP from there……. I don’t know you personally, brother James but I am inspired by you more than you could ever know…. stay on your path and journey, and for all it’s worth I’m so very proud of your HEART, your FAMILY and you giving us all permission to keep reaching higher.”

However, some fans weren’t buying the note, with some alleging that LeBron James had messed up to warrant such a lengthy caption. One troll said, “They definitely got into a fight.” Someone else asked, “What happened? Sounds like something came to light, and this is your cleanup.”

Savannah James’s earlier post hints at a strong love

The trolls may have lucked out as the duo appears stronger than ever. Before LeBron James’s appreciation post, Savannah had posted a photo on Instagram in full glam two days earlier. James was one of the thousands of people to like and comment on the picture.

The entrepreneur commented with several drooling emojis, proving that the couple seems more in love than ever. His comment was the most liked and had replies under it of fans appreciating the couple.