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South Korean Squid Game actor Lee Jung-jae does not plan to take time off anytime soon, as he is set to participate in a new project. The famous Korean actor gained global recognition for his role as Gi-hun in the critically acclaimed K-drama Squid Game. But for his next project, Lee Jung-jae returns to one of his previous movies, Deliver Us From Evil, in a new spinoff series.

Lee Jung-jae to star in 'Deliver Us From Evil' spinoff series.
South Korean actor Lee Jung-Jae attends the ‘HUNT’ press screening | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage via Getty Images

What was Lee Jung-jae’s ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ About?

Actor Lee has spent most of his career starring in hit Korean movies. While dominating the big screen, he starred in the 2020 movie Deliver Us From Evil. The movie is not to be confused with the American movie of the same name from 2014. The Korean action movie was written and directed by Hong Won-chan about an assassin and a thug.

The movie centered on a character named In-nam, played by actor Hwang Jung-nim. In-nam is a hitman who plans to retire after his last assignment. But instead, In-nam finds himself involved in the kidnapping case involving the daughter of someone he knows. While on the case, he finds himself being pursued by someone named Ray, played by Lee.

Ray is the brother of Japanese mobster Koraeda. He seeks revenge against everyone involved in his murder, with In-nam at the top of the list. The movie takes audiences on an action-packed journey between a killer who wants to leave his life behind and a villain.

Lee Jung-jae will return as Ray and co-produce the new spinoff series

According to Soompi, Hive Media Corp. announced a spinoff series of Deliver Us From Evil is in the works, with Lee returning to his role as Ray. For now, the spinoff series is under the working title, Ray. Due to the events that take place in the movie’s finale, the spinoff will instead focus on the development of Ray as a villain.

Audiences will see Ray’s story from the start, from his birth to his rise as a Korean-Japanese killer. The series will include an array of villains who become Ray’s targets and dive deep into Ray’s backstory. According to Soompi, the spinoff series begins a bigger franchise. “The villains, whose charms are comparable to Ray himself, will be establishing a villain universe, which will be expanded into a new series in the future,” explained the site.

Lee will not only be starring as Ray, but he will also co-produce the Deliver Us From Evil spinoff. He will be joined by the original director and writer Kim Bo-tong from Netflix’s military K-drama, D.P. Snowpiercer, and Parasite cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo also join the project.

Where can fans watch ‘Deliver Us From Evil’?

Before watching the spinoff series, it is best to watch Deliver Us From Evil to get the full scope of Lee’s character. Audiences can watch the movie on Viki through a subscription or Amazon Prime.


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There is some time to catch up on the movie as the spinoff series will begin pre-production in 2023. Until then, fans can also watch Lee’s latest movie Hunt, and his recognized K-drama roles.