‘Legacies’ Finale Confirms Landon Is Still Missing

The Legacies Season 3 finale hit The CW on June 24, and it ended with a major revelation about Malivore. The muddy monster has been hiding in plain sight disguised as Landon the whole time. This means the Landon we know and love is still missing.

headshot of Aria Shahghasemi in 'Legacies' looking surprised
Aria Shahghasemi in ‘Legacies’ | The CW Network/Youtube

‘Legacies’ Season 3 finale confirms this Landon is Malivore

In Legacies Season 3 Episode 16, “Fate’s a B—-, Isn’t It,” Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Clark (Nick Fink) use a locator spell to find the Malivore pit. But when they reach their destination, they find Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and Cleo (Omono Okojie) musing it out in a motel room. 

When Cleo and Hope step out to chat, Landon asks Clark about his time in the darkness. Pointing out that Hope is the only one who knew about his brush with Malivore’s void, Clark realizes Landon isn’t who he seems. 

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When Hope returns to the room, she finds Clark has been stabbed in the neck and magically helps control the bleeding. Meanwhile, Cleo confronts Landon, and when she realizes he isn’t right, Landon eats her. 

Alaric (Matthew Davis) arrives just in time to see Landon devouring the last bits of Cleo. He shoots him with a dart gun, rendering him unconscious.

Hope rushes out of the motel and sees Landon on the ground. When Alaric notes that he doesn’t remember Cleo, she realizes that the Landon they’ve been seeing has been Malivore all along. 

So when was the last time we saw the real Landon?

This is the second time Legacies Season 3 gave us a fake Landon. In earlier episodes, the super sweet Landon whom Hope knew turned out to be a golem Cleo created. And the finale just revealed that the angsty version of Landon — who wore a skull mask, tracked Hope, and pretended to be traumatized by Malivore — was Malivore in disguise. 

It seems the last time we saw the real Landon was when he was in the darkness of Malivore fighting the Necromancer (Ben Geurens) and then in the prison world. Some fans think that when Landon allowed Malivore to hijack his body, the monster decided to stay. 

“I was convinced Malivore never ‘left’ Landon’s body after he offered him to possess him to defeat The Necromancer,” one Reddit user wrote. “This would explain why he melted when he and Hope slept together. Everything else is really confusing because Landon seemed [like] Landon in the prison world.”

But another fan pointed out that the real Landon must have slept with Hope because Malivore knew she could kill him.

“So, I don’t think that it was Malivore who slept with Hope, I think it was the real Landon, and Malivore only possessed him in the prison world,” the Redditor added. “Because we still don’t know everything that happened to Landon in the prison world so maybe during that gap in time, Malivore finally got his hands on his perfect vessel.”

‘Legacies’ Season 4 should bring fans more answers

The third season of Legacies was supposed to be 20 episodes. But due to pandemic-related delays, it ended with episode 16. 

Fans will get the final four episodes when the show returns for season 4 on Oct. 14. And hopefully, by that time, we’ll find out where the real Landon has been and how Hope intends to save him.