‘Lego Masters’ Host Will Arnett Describes the Legos He Builds For His Son

Will Arnett is having a busy 2020 on Television and it’s only been one month. The final season of Bojack Horseman premiered January 31 on Netflix, and then he started hosting Lego Masters on Fox. Arnett seems like a good fit for a Lego competition. He plays Batman in the Lego movies but he’s not just the actor and host. He’s also a customer.

Will Arnett hosts Lego Masters
Will Arnett | Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Arnett spoke with the Television Critics Association on Jan. 7 about hosting Lego Masters. During the interview he spoke about building Legos for his son Abel. Lego Masters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Lego hasn’t gotten old to Will Arnett’s kid even though Dad is on ‘Lego Masters’

There’s no separation of business and pleasure in the Arnett household. Lego pays the bills and it’s still fun.

“My kids are huge Lego fans,” Arnett said. “They were before of course. Both my sons actually do voices in The Lego Batman Movie so they’re very familiar with this world. You’d think because of what I do that they would be maybe a little desensitized to the whole thing.”

Will Arnett’s sons were on the set of ‘Lego Masters’

Take Your Kid To Work Day it a lot cooler when Dad hosts Lego Masters. Arnett joked that they couldn’t get rid of Abel and Archie.

“My kids were there way too much. It felt like they were never in school. I speak for [executive producer] Anthony [Dominic] I’m sure, he’s like, ‘Get Will’s kids out of here.’ They were around a lot. In fact, one of the great gratifying things just on a personal level, not just for me but for a lot of people who worked on the shows, there was a family element. A lot of our family was there a lot. It’s just like a really fun environment that people wanted to be around. Frankly, a lot of my friends just wanted to be around.”

Will Arnett, Lego Masters Television Critics Association interview, 1/7/2020

The enduring appeal of Lego

Arnett gets it. Whether you get a small box, or you’re on Lego Masters with millions of bricks at your disposal, everyone can build with Lego.

A final build on Lego Masters | Ray Mickshaw/FOX

“There’s something about Lego that, when you look at a big box of Lego, it’s almost like looking at just a box of opportunity,” Arnett said. “You don’t know what it’s going to be. That’s exciting. You come onto our set, we have over three million Lego pieces on set. When you look at these bins, all these different shapes and sizes and colors and you just think what could I do? Your imagination really takes off.”

What Will Arnett is building for Abel

Even though he’s worked on Lego movies and TV shows for years, Arnett still buys Legos for his kids. He also has to build them for nine-year-old Abel.

“Right now our play room is just dominated, because of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it’s all Rise of Skywalker Lego sets,” Arnett said. “How am I still building Lego? I just promised my nine-year-old, I got him the Death Star for Christmas. I bought it and I just committed to building it with him which is foolish.”

Will Arnett’s Lego collection

Master builders have donated some impressive Lego statues to Arnett’s collection. He owns Lego statues of two of his animated characters.

Lego Masters
L-R: Host Will Arnett and contestants Corey and Trais | Ray Mickshaw/FOX

“I have a lot at my house,” Arnett said. “I have a really great Lego Batman, I have a great Lego portrait of BoJack Horseman, I have a couple that I’ve been blessed that people have given me over the years. My house is the house built by Lego. I have a room, in the guest bedroom I have this closet that’s just filled with Lego. It’s insane.”