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Lego Rejects ‘The Legend of Zelda,’ ‘Metroid,’ ‘Animal Crossing,’ and ‘Among Us’ Sets, Again

Hopeful fans waited to see the results for the latest Lego Ideas phase, as Lego ‘The Legend of Zelda,' 'Metroid,' 'Animal Crossing,' and 'Among Us' sets seemed possible. However, every single one of them was rejected, following along with the usual trend of most video games not making the jump into official Lego sets.

Another day, another rejected Lego The Legend of Zelda set. Nintendo infamously protects their IPs after a few disastrous campaigns like 1993’s Super Mario Bros movie and The Legend of Zelda CD-i games. As they opened themselves up to more to release Lego Super Mario sets, fans hope for more Lego sets based on The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Animal Crossing, and even Among Us that made the jump to Nintendo Switch could come.

Nintendo & Lego 'Super Mario' and Yoshi Legend of Zelda Animal Crossing
Nintendo & Lego ‘Super Mario’ and Yoshi | Omar Marques/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Lego has slowly expanded into sets based on video games in recent years

From Star Wars to Jurassic Park and Beetlejuice, it seems like no franchise remains out of Lego’s reach.

However, few Lego sets based on video games exist, let alone on The Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing.

Some sets based on video games come from related properties. Lego created sets based on 2010’s Prince of Persia, which came from a game series by the same name.

The Lego Star Wars line has included ships and characters from video games as well. The Rogue Shadow ship originated from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game.

Lego Dimensions included more direct references. As a toys-to-life game, each character had got a mini Lego set, too.  A Portal 2 set included Chell, a turret, and the loveable Companion Cube. Later, Sonic the Hedgehog joined the game, too.

However, fans really wanted massive sets from The Legend of Zelda or the iconic train station from Animal Crossing.

When the Lego Super Mario sets released, fans thought they finally reached a turning point. A Lego Legend of Zelda could then come next.

The long history of Lego Ideas passing on ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and other gaming properties

Lego constantly looks out for new set ideas. They even have an entire website devoted to fan submissions. Over the years, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters all had impressive projects officially release through Lego.

However, year after year, fans pitched new Nintendo sets on Lego Ideas. None of them officially released, though.

VG247 said that “of the more than 50 sets in this Lego Ideas review phase, two became sets, and one seems likely to continue to become a real set in the future.”

Unfortunately, Lego rejected “several video game pitches: a Legend of Zelda Hyrule Castle based on Breath of the Wild, an Animal Crossing New Horizons playset, Samus Aran’s Gunship from Metroid, and a detailed replica of an Among Us map.”

The Lego ‘Legend of Zelda’ set seemed a perfect fit for kids and adults

A recent campaign from Lego saying “adults welcome” seems to note a shift in the group. Lego now knows they should no longer market solely to kids.

“Lego appears to be beginning to embrace adult sets aimed at tickling the nostalgia of older fans — thus the release of complex high-piece count sets such as the Lego NES and Lego Super Mario 64 Block,” VG247 reported.


LEGO NES ‘Legend of Zelda’ Map of Hyrule Builder Called the 25,000 Brick Build ‘Nostalgic Lego Art’

The latest Lego Legend of Zelda seemed promising, ticking “a lot of the boxes for what the team there generally looks for, including plenty of Easter Eggs and kid-entertaining play value.”

However, Nintendo still hesitates. With the Chris Pratt Mario Bros movie coming up, they may want to see how it goes before leasing any other IPs.