Let Us Introduce You to ‘Pig,’ the New Nicolas Cage Movie Where Thieves Steal His Hog

Nicolas Cage has appeared in many movies over the years, some good and some bad. One thing no one can deny, however, is that Cage never mails it in. He always gives moviegoers their money’s worth when they’re watching one of his films. 

Cage’s latest feature looks incredibly weird but interesting at the same time. It’s a film called Pig, and it’s about what a man does when thieves steal his hog. Let’s take a look back at Cage’s career, what Pig is about, and why it’s nothing like that other “man seeks revenge for his pet” movie. 

Nicolas Cage has had an interesting career to say the least

In recent years, Cage has become something of an internet punchline, at times mocked for his over-the-top performances. Live About even compiled a list of the best memes involving Cage. He has also often been lampooned for the time in the 90s he nearly played Superman

Underneath the at-times outlandish performances, however, is a truly gifted and talented actor. Cage can play broad – he brought credibility to shlocky 90s action films like Con Air and Face/Off. He’s also been in plenty of critically acclaimed films, like the stirring drama Leaving Las Vegas

Forget the memes: Cage is and always has been a serious acting talent. He’s been in plenty of great films and makes just about any movie he appears in much better. Pig looks like it’s a unique film worthy of his talents. 

The premise of ‘Pig’ is both unique and familiar

Actor Nicolas Cage
Actor Nicolas Cage | JC Olivera/Getty Images

While Nicolas Cage seems to have more notoriety these days as an off-kilter Hollywood actor, he’s actually a very talented performer capable of delivering nuanced, subtle performances. It looks as if Pig may be a return to form for Cage. It also looks unlike anything he’s done before. 

According to Eater, the film is about a “reclusive truffle hunter” living somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The hunter, played by Cage, has a pet pig that helps him hunt for truffles. The pig is stolen, and Cage’s character – a chef in a past life – goes about finding him. 

The atmospheric trailer for the film looks mysterious and eerie. Not much is revealed about the movie beyond its basic premise. It certainly looks as if Cage’s character will go to the ends of the Earth to find the pig and deal with those responsible. 

Even after watching the trailer, it may be hard to get a beat on this unique movie. In some ways, it harkens back to John Wick and other revenge action flicks. But this isn’t quite accurate. Reviews of the movie are trickling in, and at least one reveals it’s a haunting, contemplative film audiences may not expect. 

Why ‘Pig’ isn’t just ‘John Wick’ with a pig instead of a dog


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Based on the trailer alone, no one could be blamed for thinking this looks like John Wick with a pig. But while John Wick worked as a fun, shoot-em-up action flick, Pig is something entirely different, and it’s not fair to compare the two. 

In a Variety review of the film, the reviewer points out that Nicolas Cage’s character never takes the Wick path that viewers may want to see him go down. His character seems world-weary and beaten – just looking to locate the one thing in the world he cares about. The movie is also called “unexpectedly touching.” 

The film seems like a trippy, sad but captivating character study. It’s also giving Cage an opportunity to shine in a weird role, something he thrives in. Much like 2018’s Mandy, Cage does some of his most interesting work in films mainstream audiences might find a tad too strange. Pig feels like it’s right in Cage’s wheelhouse – and it feels like it’s not just another movie for the “older lead actor avenges his fallen pet” genre.