Lexi From ‘Below Deck Med’ Actually Got a ‘Good Edit’ and ‘Deserved What She Got’ Katie Flood Says

Katie Flood said Lexi Wilson actually got a “good edit” on Below Deck Mediterranean, adding that she “deserved what she got” in terms of backlash and ultimately getting fired.

Lexi Wilson didn’t get a bad edit on ‘Below Deck,’ Katie Flood says

Flood said, if anything, Wilson was portrayed in a better light during the season than how she really acted.

Did Lexi from Below Deck get a bad edit? Katie Flood said she received the exact opposite
Did Lexi from Below Deck get a bad edit? Katie Flood said she received the exact opposite |Laurent Basset/Bravo

“She deserved what she got,” Flood recently said on The Domenick Nati Show. “Like, I don’t want to slight her, like I’ve always tried to be respectful towards her, but she just always like takes it to a whole new level. And in my eyes, especially that hot tub night, she got a good edit from actually what went down. There was a lot of things that wasn’t aired and couldn’t be aired for certain reasons.”

“So, you know, like the things that she said, those came out of her mouth that can’t be edited,” she added. “So in my eyes, she got a good edit.”

Did Lexi try to play the victim on the show?

Flood said she’s always tried to be respectful of what Wilson was dealing with while on the series and doesn’t wish any negativity toward her. Flood said the cast no longer speaks to Wilson but can see how she plays the victim.

“So I mean, I don’t wish any hateful comments towards her,” she said about Wilson. “But yeah, and you know, like, I just feel like she didn’t know when to drop that. I feel like she had a vendetta or she felt like the world was against her. Whether that’s true or not, I’ll never know. Obviously, no one speaks to her anymore. And yeah, she just thought everyone was against her when really we were all trying to navigate through this weird, f**ked up mess altogether. And she was very resistant, so obviously it didn’t work in her favor at all.”

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“I think she tried [to play the victim],” Flood said. “I mean, yeah, to be honest, like I don’t see a lot of her. It’s always like fan accounts that will screenshot, I guess, her Instagram stories and when, you know, after every episode. But I’m guessing that doesn’t really happen anymore because obviously, our seasons ended. But I mean. Yeah, I honestly don’t know. Like, I’m just so unphased by it because it’s literally just the whole situation blows my mind, even like when it started airing, and I guess like her reaction towards that, I was just like, it must tiring? Trying constantly … try to find ways to make it look better.”

Malia White said Lexi got a good edit this season

During the reunion, Flood and Malia White spoke out against Wilson’s accusations that producers gave her a bad edit. “Lexi on social media has been blaming a lot of people,” host Andy Cohen said to the cast during the reunion. “She’s been blaming production. She said she’s been given a very bad edit. She thinks she’s been edited very unfairly.”

“That’s pretty classic of anyone throughout the seasons who’s come on Below Deck and not liked the way they’ve behaved when drunk,” White said. “It’s pretty nasty when you watch yourself back and you see all the regrets and mistakes you’ve made.” She then added, “It’s not the edit. It’s you.”

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“Production actually stepped in,” Flood said. “Yeah, because it was getting so out of hand. They actually stepped in and like lost our sh*t like, “This is not what we are about.’ And if it goes any further I’m pretty sure Lexi would have been removed straight away. But I guess she reined it in at that point.”

White then added, “If anything she was edited nicely that night. She was much worse.”