Liam Hemsworth’s Family Has a Surprising Take on His Current Girlfriend Versus Miley Cyrus

Less than six months after their relationship officially ended, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have obviously moved on. Both have been linked to multiple new partners since their split in August. 

Cyrus was first spotted making out with Kaitlynn Carter. It seemed like the relationship was getting serious when Carter met Cyrus’ mom, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Cyrus is now dating Cody Simpson, another Australian like her ex Hemsworth.

Hemsworth took a little longer to move on than Cyrus, but not by much. He was seen out and about with actress Maddison Brown. It was just a rebound for Hemsworth.

Now he’s with Gabriella Brooks, and this time things are a little more serious. Brooks has met Hemsworth’s family, and they seem as taken with her as he is.

Liam Hemsworth’s family had nice things to say about his new girlfriend

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Hemsworth has been dating the Australian model for a short time. The two haven’t said exactly how or when they got together, but considering he was with Brown in October, they can’t have been dating much longer than two months. It seems like things are moving really fast if he’s already introducing her to his parents

The good news is that Hemsworth’s family loved Brooks. According to an insider close to Hemsworth quoted in Us Weekly, Hemsworth’s “family approves of her and really likes her, which is very important to him.”

The insider is clear that this is more than just another rebound. Hemsworth’s relationship with Brooks will not go the same way as his quick fling with Brown. The same insider says that Hemsworth’s relationship with Brown was never meant to be more than a fun tryst. 

The insider said: “Liam and Maddison weren’t that serious and were mainly having fun together.”

Brooks is probably more than just fun if Hemsworth has already introduced her to mom and dad, especially since they only had nice things to say about her. 

That’s the opposite of what Liam Hemsworth’s family said about Miley Cyrus

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Hemsworth’s family never necessarily insulted Cyrus. They seem to just want Hemsworth to be happy. After a rocky on-again-off-again relationship, and the public drama of their breakup and Cyrus’ rebound with Carter, it appears Hemsworth’s family isn’t exactly Team Miley. 

Recently Hemsworth’s sister in law made headlines for saying that she thinks Hemsworth deserves better than Cyrus.

“My brother-in-law, well… After a relationship that you’ve dedicated ten years to, he’s a little bit down, but he’s coping well, he’s a strong boy and he deserves the best, I think he deserves much better.”

It seems like Hemsworth’s family may be tired of all the drama. 

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a rocky relationship 

Liam Hemsworth attends The Women's Cancer Research Fund's event.
Liam Hemsworth | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Cyrus and Hemsworth were so off and on that it surprised fans when they got married in December of 2018. While the first half of 2018 went well for the couple, rumor had it in July of 2018 that their wedding plans were on hold.

Apparently the rumors were wrong, and these two decided to go through with their nuptials despite their differences. Considering their relationship history, no one was surprised when they broke up just nine months later. 

Hemsworth and Cyrus first got together back in 2009. They met on the set of a movie they were working on. They broke up and got back together again multiple times between 2009 and 2012, when they got engaged for the first time. 

That engagement was punctuated by rumors that Cyrus cheated on Hemsworth, which may have contributed to their 2013 breakup. 

The couple took an extended break. But in 2016 they were back together, and Cyrus slipped on her engagement ring as nothing had happened. This time they were engaged for two years before they eventually got married. 

Hemsworth and Cyrus have spent a lot of time on their relationship for little gain. Apparently neither had the ideal marriage. Hopefully, Hemsworth has found what he’s looking for in Brooks.