‘Life After Lockup’: Brittany and Marcelino Share Big News

When Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago first appeared on WEtv’s Love After Lockup, fans weren’t sure what to expect from their relationship.

The couple seemed to have a strong bond, but Marcelino struggled to trust Brittany around her ex-girlfriend Amanda or her former bunkmate Sascha. He also worried she could return to her addiction or her old habits after getting released from prison. 

Now, the Life After Lockup pair seems to have made a number of positive changes. Brittany completed a leadership program for former inmates and regularly shares the details of what looks like a happy home life with her husband on social media. She also posts about recovery and healing after trauma and incarceration.

Most recently, Brittany revealed she was pregnant with her second child with Marcelino.

Brittany Santiago
Brittany Santiago | Brittany Santiago via Instagram

Brittany and Marcelino are having their second child together

Fans speculated for several months that Brittany might be pregnant with her second child with Marcelino. The couple had a daughter, Zoila, in Dec. 2018, before moving to a new home in Las Vegas together.

Brittany’s Instagram snapshots and Twitter fan rumors led many Life After Lockup viewers to believe she and Marcelino were expecting a new addition throughout 2019. Starcasm reported that rumors suggested Brittany was due in Feb. 2020. 

The Life After Lockup star finally confirmed the news just before the holidays. “Since we never officially announced our pregnancy, I thought I would post some baby bump pics!” she posted on Instagram, alongside two shots of herself with a very pregnant belly. 

The news comes after years of trauma and difficulty for the ‘Life After Lockup’ star

Fans saw Brittany’s difficult custody battle over her now five-year-old son Giovanni with her ex, Tito, play out on WEtv. But Brittany got full custody of her son after Tito failed a drug test in 2019, making her the full-time parent to the young boy. 

The pregnancy news is most likely especially heartwarming for Brittany, who’s had a traumatic life. She fled an abusive home at age 12 and fell into homelessness, poverty, and addiction before first getting arrested at 18 on charges related to a home invasion. Brittany spent five years behind bars. 

She was released in 2013 but was incarcerated again in 2017 on a conspiracy to commit robbery charge. After her release, Brittany and Marcelino made a life together and got married within a few months. 

Brittany has also opened up about other aspects of her difficult past, like getting pregnant at just 15 years old while living on the streets. Heartbreakingly, the Life After Lockup star also had two children who were taken by CPS and placed for adoption before she got sober. 

The couple is returning to ‘Life After Lockup’ on Jan. 3 

Fans will get to see Brittany and Marcelino in a whole new light on Life After Lockup Season 2, which premieres on WEtv on Jan. 3, 2020. 

This season, viewers will watch the couple continue to wrestle with a custody battle, as well as trust issues and anger. Brittany’s mom will also return to the scene because of her daughter’s pregnancy. Old wounds will flare as the 29-year-old Life After Lockup star and her mom revisit their painful shared past.