‘Life After Lockup’: What’s Going On With the Michael/Sarah/Megan Triangle On Season 3?

The drama between former inmate Michael Simmons, his wife Sarah Simmons, and his girlfriend Megan was one of the central storylines on previous seasons of WEtv’s Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup

Michael swept Megan off her feet from behind bars and eventually took her virginity. Meanwhile, his wife Sarah was pregnant with his baby and planning to reunite with him after his release. When Megan and Sarah finally met, the situation became more than a little explosive. 

But on Life After Lockup Season 3, which premieres on Jan. 3, it looks like Michael is still juggling both women (and a few others as well). 

Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons | Michael Simmons via Instagram

Michael visits Megan in Texas and wants to work things out

On WEtv’s “first look” at the upcoming season of Life After Lockup, Michael and Megan are still an item (kind of). When he arrives at her doorstep, Megan takes him to the side away from her father’s gaze. 

“Having Michael here in Texas is like, my dreams becoming a reality,” she tells producers. “But, like, there’s a lot that we have to work on and move past. It’s just been a wild ride.” She reminds Life After Lockup viewers that they left off on bad terms, after she revealed she’d kissed Michael’s friend while he was behind bars and they were on a break. 

“I want you to know that I apologize for all that. I did do wrong,” Michael tells his ex, adding that he wants to “build trust” with her again. “I’m here because at the end of the day, regardless of who did each other wrong, when I was locked up, you was there.” 

Megan isn’t convinced, but Michael goes so far as to tell producers, “Me and Megan, it’s a force that we just can’t let go.” 

The ‘Life After Lockup’ star seems to be back to his unfaithful ways

But everything isn’t as picture-perfect and romantic as Megan might like it to be. “Are there other women that you’re talking to?” she asks Michael in the sneak peek as she squirms and avoids answering. 

Michael’s soon-to-be-ex wife Sarah seems to have a better idea. Poring over his bank statements, she announces that he’s been spending quite a bit of money on other girls. “Megan, Jessicas, a lot of Marias,” she declares, hinting that Michael is still his playboy self. 

Sarah’s still in the picture…and not happy

In case you’re wondering if Sarah is still in the picture, the answer is a definite yes. In fact, Michael tells Megan’s dad he’s “not really sure” if or when his divorce from Sarah will be finalized. 

In the Life After Lockup Season 3 trailer, Sarah kisses another man, indicating she’s moved on…but not entirely. In the clip, she confronts Michael once again about his relationship with Megan. “Is it Megan that’s here?” she yells at him. “That’s neither here or there,” Michael responds evasively. 

And the former couple’s tumultuous, on-and-off relationship seems as volatile as ever. At one point, Sarah sits in the street screaming, “I am not the enemy!” In another, she demands that Michael get in her car before the cops arrive. 

When it comes to Life After Lockup’s most infamous love triangle, it looks like the drama is far from over.