‘Life After Lockup’: Which Couples Are Returning for Season 2?

Life After Lockup Season 2 returns to WEtv on Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. EST. The highly-anticipated premiere of the wildly popular show, a spinoff of Love After Lockup, will feature several fan favorite couples. As usual, one person in each of the pairings was recently released from prison

Here’s a brief look at each of the couples (and love triangles!) returning this season, including what we know so far about the drama they’ll be getting into.

Lacey and Shane
Lacey and Shane from ‘Love After Lockup’ and ‘Life After Lockup’ | Lacey via Instagram


Megan, Sarah and Michael are the most infamous love triangle so far on the Love After Lockup/Life After Lockup franchise. Michael famously courted Megan online for two years and took her virginity; meanwhile, Sarah married him while he was behind bars and had two of his children. 

This season, it looks like Michael is still figuring out his divorce from Sarah while trying to work things out with Megan once again. The catch? He has a few other girls on the line too. 

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Brittany and Marcelino

Brittany and Marcelino Santiago, from Las Vegas, are still figuring out their family and home life after Brittany spent nearly a decade in prison and struggled with addiction. The Life After Lockup couple is now having their second child together. But the return of Brittany’s mom, from whom Brittany ran away when she was just 12 years old, could complicate their lives.

Tracie and Clint

Clint Brady and his “goddess” Tracie Wagaman have gotten married, broken up, and gotten arrested several times since we last saw them. Tracie’s pending charges, addiction issues, and difficulty with probation requirements will be the focus of this season, as Clint tries to keep his lady out of prison once and for all. 

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The Brady’s

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Lacey was juggling two prison fiances on the first season of Life After Lockup. The single mom finally made her decision and went with Shane, marrying him in a beachside ceremony. But things aren’t all peaches and cream for the couple, as they’re both harboring major secrets from one another. Meanwhile, John is still pining for Lacey and hoping she’ll break it off with Shane and run back to him. 

Josh and Cheryl

Cheryl always struggled to keep Josh in line, as she worried that he’d never be able to keep steady work or stay out of jail. When the couple moves to Pueblo, Colorado together, things don’t seem to get any better. At one point, it looks like Josh might even try to break things off. 

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Andrea and Lamar

Andrea, a devout Mormon, and Lamar, a recently released former inmate, have never seemed like a match made in heaven. On Season 2, Andrea and Lamar are living in separate states and unsure about their marriage. But Andrea’s shocking secret about her history with Lamar could make a big difference in their future. 

Angela and Tony

Angela might be in love with Tony, but his self-described “addiction to women” could definitely get in the way. According to the Life After Lockupfirst look,” Angela might even break it off with him entirely if he doesn’t stop meeting other women in hotel rooms behind her back.