‘Life Is Strange: True Colors’: How Long Is Steph’s ‘Wavelengths’ DLC?

Life is Strange: True Colors fans can now return to Haven Springs, Colorado with the video game‘s DLC, called “Wavelengths.” Rather than focusing on protagonist Alex Chen, the DLC looks at Haven Springs resident Steph Gingrich. Longtime Life is Strange fans might recall Steph from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, in which she was a minor but beloved character. How long is her story in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Life is Strange: True Colors characters Alex and Steph, the subject of the Wavelengths DLC
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‘Life Is Strange: True Colors — Wavelengths’ follows Steph’s journey in Haven Springs

Fans learned a bit about Steph in True Colors: she frequently moved around before coming to Haven Springs, where she befriended Alex’s older brother, Gabe. She eventually settled down in the small town to run the local music store and DJ the radio station. Now, fans can see where that journey began. “Wavelengths” takes place in the year before Alex’s arrival in Haven Springs.

According to PlayStation, players can explore Rocky Mountain Record Traders and step into Steph’s DJ booth to build playlists, make announcements, and even help Steph write an original song. They can also get a glimpse into Steph’s other passion: tabletop RPGs. Plus, players can explore Steph’s romantic life as she matches with others on dating apps.

“Over four seasons, discover more about Steph’s past and her relationships as she makes her mark on the record store, uncovers its secrets – and decides her future,” the description read.

“Wavelengths” comes included with the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Life is Strange: True Colors. However, if you purchased a Standard Edition, you can still get the DLC by upgrading to Deluxe. At this time, “Wavelengths” is not available to buy as a standalone addition to the base game.

How long does it take to beat ‘Life Is Strange: True Colors — Wavelengths’?

How long it takes to get through Life is Strange: True Colors — “Wavelengths” varies from player to player. However, according to polled players on HowLongToBeat, it has typically taken people up to four hours to complete. The main story runs about three hours long, but there are also some extra side quests to look into.

When combined with Life is Strange: True Colors, the base game and DLC will likely take around 17 or 18 hours to complete. True Colors alone can take up to 13 hours, depending on players’ dedication to completing side quests. Haven Springs is a bit of a smaller map than longtime Life is Strange fans might be used to, but there’s still plenty to do.

Deck Nine Games thought it was a ‘no-brainer’ to tell Steph’s story in DLC

Many Life is Strange fans were thrilled to see Steph get more screentime, considering her popularity in Before the Storm and True Colors. According to developer Deck Nine Games, the idea of a Steph DLC had been in the cards for a while. Senior narrative designer Mallory Littleton told GamesRadar that it was a “no-brainer.”

“We knew that we wanted to bring Steph back [for True Colors] if we could, and once we figured out where she could fit into the story, we all had our own little questions about it internally,” she said, adding that they wanted to look at Steph’s life prior to Haven Springs. “And so when we were approached about making a DLC, those were the questions that we wanted to explore ourselves. It really kind of felt like a no-brainer to give Steph the DLC and explore all of those questions while at the same time getting to play around in a record store and run a radio show.” 

Life is Strange: True Colors is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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