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Yara Shahidi has plenty of notable works under her belt. From a lead role in a teen drama to upcoming projects, she has kept herself busy. Nevertheless, fans know her best for her performance in the TV show Grown-ish.

The series finished its fourth season, and Shahidi completed college as her character. However, she simultaneously finished her undergraduate program in real life. After that accomplishment, she shared the news with her followers online.

Yara Shahidi’s role in ‘Grown-ish’

Yara Shahidi first appeared as Zoey in Black-ish, and she later became the main character in the spinoff Grown-ish. Within the universe, her character is the oldest of five siblings and is popular among other kids. When the spinoff begins, Zoey is off on her own in college.

Each season depicts the college year Zoey is in. For example, the show begins when she is a freshman at the California University of Liberal Arts. Then, she becomes a sophomore when the second season begins.

Zoey shows an interest in fashion and first enters the university with the intent to become a designer. However, she soon forms her own major, which she names the sociology of fashion. She desires to be a fashion stylist and temporarily drops out to pursue a career in Season 3.

The fourth season ends with Zoey graduating from the university. She and her friends part ways to live their lives. Zoey goes to create and run her business AntiMuse, and viewers last see her in New York months later.

Yara Shahidi recently graduated from Harvard

Yara Shahidi of 'Black-ish' and 'Grown-ish' attending PaleyFest LA at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California
Yara Shahidi of ‘Black-ish’ and ‘Grown-ish’ | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic via Getty Images

In the show, fans get to see Zoey navigate college life and meet different kinds of people. They were happy to see her get her degree and move on to the next stage of her life. However, the character is not the only one who has gone through college.

When Yara Shahidi was not filming the series, she was an active student at Harvard University. Vogue reports that she focused on social studies and African American studies. The actor even completed a 136-page thesis that centers around a Jamaican writer.

Shahidi earned her degree a couple of months ago, around the time her Grown-ish character did. When she went to her graduation ceremony, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram. The picture shows her in her cap and gown while standing in front of a Harvard banner. She included the caption, “Yara (noun): a Harvard graduate.”

Under her gown, Shahidi wore a bright red Dior two-piece suit. The sitcom star wanted to put on an outfit that best reflects herself. The attire made her stand out while still matching the school spirit.

‘Grown-ish’ returns for Season 5

Why Did ‘Mixed-ish’ Get Canceled?

Even though Zoey graduated from Cal U, a part of her story is still left for the show to tell. As a result, fans will get to enjoy more episodes starting in July 2022. Many of the original stars are going to return. Furthermore, they can expect new storylines and additions to the cast list.

A familiar face from Black-ish is joining the main Grown-ish cast. Marcus Scribner made guest appearances as Junior, but now he will be a series regular for Season 5. His character is a student at Cal U and will experience the ups and downs of being an adult.

Another person who will play a major role in the upcoming season is Daniella Perkins. She plays Luca’s younger sister Kiela. Kiela is arriving on campus alongside Junior.

The new season likely will explore relevant social issues. Nevertheless, people remain unsure about what direction the show will go in.