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Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is known for her more than just talent on the show. As a celebrity, she has built a brand that is centered on her vulnerability and willingness to talk about her mental health in public. She showcases many of her coping strategies with her tattoos. During a recent interview, Reinhart talked about her ink, and her interest in getting more done in the future. 

Lili Reinhart’s breakthrough role in ‘Riverdale’ made her a star

Reinhart began her acting career by performing in local community theater productions in Ohio. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams full-time after she turned 18. Following several supporting roles, she landed her big break in Riverdale as Betty Cooper.

The show has transcended its comic book origins to become a much more bizarre and campy drama than its source material would imply. Fortunately, Reinhart and her fellow cast members proved to be adept enough as performers to sell these creative leaps. And the popularity of the show has helped them branch out in the entertainment industry.

In her off-time, Reinhart has appeared in movies such as Hustlers, Chemical Hearts, and an episode of The Simpsons. Now that Riverdale is set to end after the seventh season, it will be interesting to see where the actor goes from here.  

Lili Reinhart says her tattoos have special meanings

lili reinhart tattoos
Lili Reinhart attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on September 13, 2021 in New York City. | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

As explained on Insider, Reinhart has six tattoos, all of which have their own unique personal meaning to her. 

On her left arm is an arrow tattoo that she got while in LA in 2015. It symbolizes a phrase she would repeat to herself whenever she felt overwhelmed by her circumstances: “An arrow can only go forward by being pulled back.” In June 2016, she posted a video on Twitter of her getting a cross on her pinky finger. She deemed the moment “impulsive.” Reinhart told Self she was raised a Christian and often prays as part of her bedtime routine. 

Reinhart confirmed that same year that she got a small upside-down triangle on her side, the Earth alchemical symbol. She also has a gray rose tattoo on the back of her forearm, representing wearing her heart on her sleeve. 

Last year, Reinhart added two more tattoos to her body. One was another rose tattoo, this time with an eye connected to the flower and a small constellation of stars surrounding the image. The other piece was a script of the word “Divine” on her upper arm. These tattoos were done by the artist Kaiju, who documented the moment on her Instagram page. 

Lili Reinhart expects to get more tattoos in the future


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Reinhart appeared on an episode of Wired’s Autocomplete Interviews in 2022, where she spoke about her tattoos. She confirms that she currently has six tattoos, adding her plans to acquire “many more in the future.” And she highlights Kaiju’s rose design as her favorite.

For Riverdale, all of Reinhart’s tattoos get covered up except for the cross on her finger. By contrast, in the recently released Look Both Ways for Netflix, most of her tattoos are left untouched alongside two temporary ones added for the movie. Whether we get to see them or not, these pieces clearly mean a lot to Reinhart.