Lili Reinhart Says She’ll Miss Betty — But Not ‘Riverdale’

Riverdale is finally ending after years of fans begging the show to wrap up. The CW series debuted in 2017, and as it progressed, fans began questioning its wacky journey. A show that started as a murder mystery dived off into a supernatural show, and fans couldn’t stop poking fun at it. Now that it’s wrapping up, Betty Cooper actor Lili Reinhart says she’ll miss her charcter, but doesn’t express the same sentiment for Riverdale itself.

Lili Reinhart says she’ll miss Betty

Lili Reinhart in Riverdale
Lili Reinhart as Betty | Jack Rowand/The CW

After taking viewers on a wild ride throughout its seven seasons, Riverdale is finally ending. In a Wired Autocomplete interview on September 1, 2022, Reinhart assured fans that she’d be in the show’s final season but took some time to express her sadness over having to say goodbye to her character.

She said, “I love Betty. I will really miss playing a character that’s been with me for so long. I mean, I don’t know how my career is going to look like, but I don’t know I’ll play a character for as long as I’ve played Betty. So I cherish getting to know her for that long.”

Reinhart previously spoke to Parade and revealed she isn’t willing to commit to another project with a full-season order, saying she’ll be shifting her focus to films. “I would not sign on ever again for another 22-episode series,” she explained, calling it “not a very sustainable way of living.” She told the publication that she’d miss playing Betty, but she’s looking forward to what her life and career will look like outside of Riverdale.

Lili Reinhart ‘stopped asking questions’ after ‘Riverdale’ season 3

Riverdale‘s premise in the first season centered around a murder mystery that shook up the eponymous town. However, as time passed, the town became a place where anything could happen.

From gang wars and serial killers to faked deaths, organ harvesting, and superpowers, anything goes in Riverdale. If you didn’t watch the show from the first season, you would be forgiven for not understanding the bizarre plot.

Fans have constantly made fun of the series, and at times, the actors are in on the jokes. Reinhart said in an interview that she and her fellow cast members “stopped asking questions” after season 3.

“We all were a little confused, to be honest, but I think we realized that the show was on this train, and it was going full steam ahead. I stopped asking questions after that,” she told Sirius XM. “You gotta take Riverdale for what it is, and I think when you stop trying to really make sense of it is when you can just enjoy the craziness for what it is. And that’s the whole point,” she added.

Reinhart appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, where she expressed her excitement for her career in the future now that Riverdale is ending. The Look Both Ways actor told the host she was looking forward to more mature roles.

“I have a lot of sort of dramatic, deep roles in my future after Riverdale. Definitely roles that you have not seen me in. I’m an adult. I’m an adult woman and I’m going to start playing those more adult roles. That’s what’s on my horizon and I could not be more excited,” she said.

Lili Reinhart felt ‘like a prisoner’ returning to the ‘Riverdale’ set

Every season on Riverdale typically has 20+ episodes, meaning filming happens almost all year round. Given that the show films in Vancouver, Canada, a year is a long time to be away from home. Reinhart told Nylon in 2020 that shooting the popular show can be isolating, especially when COVID-19 protocols were in place.

She said, “I genuinely feel like a prisoner, going back to work, because I cannot leave Canada. That doesn’t feel good. You can’t go home for Thanksgiving, can’t visit your family. No one can come visit you unless they quarantine for two weeks. It just feels f*****.”

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