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He definitely isn’t slow. Fans first met Baby and Debora in 2017 with the academy award-nominated movie Baby Driver. Now, fans to an interview with Lily James, fans have a little more to look forward to from these characters. Here’s what we know about the potential sequel to Sony Pictures’ Baby Driver.

Ansel Elgort and Lily James attend the European premiere of "Baby Driver"
Ansel Elgort and Lily James attend the European premiere of “Baby Driver” | Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

‘Baby Driver,’ starring Lily James and Ansel Elgort, premiered in 2017

Fast car chases and a killer soundtrack to match. Baby Driver premiered in 2017 and instantly became a favorite amongst some fans. The movie starred Ansel Elgort as the title character and Lily James as Debora, the music-loving waitress. Once the movie premiered, director Edgar Wright commented on the future of the characters. Even in 2017, he had ideas for a second movie.

“Those talks are already in the works,” he said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “The deal is being hammered out as we speak. So, hopefully, I’m going to at least write a second one. I’ve definitely got lots of ideas. Whether it’s the next movie, I don’t know. I’m just working that out at the moment, actually… I would like to get back on the saddle very shortly, because — slightly beyond my control — but there was four years between The World’s End and Baby Driver. I don’t want it to be that long again. I would love to have a film out in the next two years.”

Lily James said they’re making a ‘Baby Driver 2’ during an interview

There’s good news for fans of Baby Driver. Recently, Lily James confirmed that a sequel is “coming soon.” During the clip on Twitter, she said, “Hey, Extreme Movie and all my friends in Korea, sending love, so happy if you like my films. Baby Driver 2 is coming soon.”

Of course, some fans of the actress and movie shared their excitement on social media. One Twitter user said, “okay, so she’s confirmed [that there will be a] Baby Driver 2, thank God! Let me go cry.”

“Apparently Baby Driver 2 is coming soon? I’m so happy omg,” wrote another Twitter user.

Ansel Elgort also hinted at another movie

Lily James is not the first cast member to drop hints regarding a Baby Driver sequel. During an interview with MTV News, Ansel Elgort revealed that he has seen the script for a potential second movie and it holds a different title from what fans will expect.

“He has shared it with me. Yes, I think it’s going to happen. I think there will be a Baby Driver 2. It has a different title, actually. You’re gonna have to have to ask Edgar that, though,” Ansel Elgort said.

This is not the first time fans got hints regarding their favorite getaway driver. Earlier in 2019, director Edgar Wright tweeted, “we hope to make it real soon if all the planets align.”

Of course, the production would have to align with each of their busy schedules. Ansel Elgort recently finished filming Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story, starring Rachel Zegler as Maria. Until then, fans can watch movies starring Lily James, including Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, and Ansel Elgort on Netflix.

Baby Driver is now available on DVD, Digital, Blu-Ray, and 4K.