Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kids: He Shares Two Adorable Sons With Wife Vanessa Nadal

In recent years, multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken Hollywood by storm. Most famous for creating and starring in the Broadway sensation Hamilton, Miranda has made himself a household name. The success of Hamilton is far from Miranda’s only achievement, however. More than a decade earlier, he won accolades for his musical In the Heights. In addition to musicals, Miranda has acted on several television shows and contributed to successful soundtracks like Moana. In August 2021, Lin-Manuel Miranda starred in another project as a lead in an animated film called Vivo — yet he is sure to make time for his wife and kids between all of his work projects.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has two kids with his wife, Vanessa Nadal

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Lin-Manuel Miranda of ‘Siempre, Luis’ attends the IMDb Studio at Acura Festival Village. | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

With Miranda’s success in family entertainment, it is natural to wonder if he has a family. The answer is yes. Miranda is married to Vanessa Nadal. Back in high school, he had a crush on Vanessa, and although the couple never dated then, they connected over Facebook years later. Five years after reconnecting, they married. The couple has enjoyed marital bliss for over a decade now and have welcomed two kids into the world. Their oldest son, Sebastian, is 6 years old, and their younger son, Francisco, is 3. 

Although Miranda values his family life, he tries to keep it private. In fact, according to PopSugar, his kids do not even know that he is famous. He tries to shield them from the public eye. He does not post any pictures with his children’s faces and asks others to do the same. In 2019, Miranda thanked his following for helping him keep his children shielded for as long as possible by saying, “I really just wanted to thank you for helping us with that so far. I’ve seen you swarm to protect when someone’s uploaded their pictures, I’ve gotten DMs from you when video of them has surfaced. You have all been so incredible and understanding. My kids didn’t sign up for all this.”

Miranda has shared about his struggles with parenting during a pandemic

As with all families during the pandemic, parenting brought on new challenges, including homeschooling. Miranda told People, “Anyone who told you that wasn’t a tough adjustment is lying.” He explained that the key to making homeschooling work was for the couple to act as a team, as one person couldn’t handle the responsibility five days a week. 

Like all aspects of life, Miranda believes family dynamics are about maintaining balance, communication, and honesty. To explain his view, he compared it to filming a final episode and explained, “The most important cast members are the ones in the room, so you got to just stay talking and stay sane.” Instead of focusing on difficulties, Miranda sees the positives in parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He says his younger son is learning things ahead of schedule, and that his two sons have grown closer.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s animated film ‘Vivo’ is sure to delight kids and parents alike

Family life goes hand in hand with family movies, and in August 2021, Miranda’s newest endeavor hit Netflix. Vivo, tells the story of a young girl and a kinkajou, Vivo, who bond on an epic journey through the Everglades. At the start of the movie, Vivo is living with his owner, Andres, in Cuba. Andres receives a letter from his old musical partner that she is retiring from music and asks him to join her for her last performance in Miami. Andres feels it is his chance to finally tell his old partner, Marta, how he feels. Unfortunately, he dies before getting the opportunity.

Vivo decides to deliver Andres’ love song to Marta in Miami, so she will know he loved her. To do so, he sneaks away in Andres’ niece’s luggage to get to Florida. The niece, Gabi (Ynairaly Simo), and Vivo travel through the Everglades on a mission to deliver the song, developing a lasting bond along the way. Vivo is yet another example of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ability to cross genres to connect with people — both kids and adults alike — through music. 

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