Linda Blair & Rick Springfield: How the ‘World’s Biggest Hollywood Starlet Lost Her Virginity To a Penniless Musician’

Linda Blair’s career took off in the 1970’s thanks to her starring role in The Exorcist. But Blair was much more than a blossoming actor — she was also musician Rick Springfield’s girlfriend at the time. Find out how one of the world’s biggest ’70s starlets lost her virginity to the self-proclaimed “penniless musician” Springfield. 

Linda Blair
Linda Blair | R. Brigden/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Linda Blair was 15-years-old when she dated Rick Springfield 

During a show at the Whiskey A Go Go in the ’70s, Blair approached Springfield. At the time, Springfield said Blair was the “hottest young actress in movies” thanks to her role in The Exorcist. As documented in his memoir Late, Late At Night, Springfield and Blair hit it off. 

“She invited me to the Rainbow club up the street after I’m done with my last set and she says she and her sister Debbie will buy me a drink,” he writes. “I don’t know how old she is but I soon learn she is only fifteen. I am twenty-five.” 

After spending time together at the club, Blair and Springfield returned to his apartment — “most specifically, my bed,” he added, continuing:

I am her first lover and she is an enthusiastic learner. We share a love of dogs and sex — separately, not in combination. Most of the time we don’t leave the apartment.

She’s an adventurous girl as well, which is probably why the world’s biggest Hollywood starlet (at this time) lost her virginity to a penniless musician living in a $180-a-month apartment.

How private was Rick Springfield’s relationship with Linda Blair? 

Springfield and Blair have opposing ideas of how private their relationship really was. In his memoir, Springfield talks about going out in public as a couple “blindly and innocently to the media slaughter.” 

In Springfield’s opinion, the media “shocked” he and Blair when they published “incensed articles in both teen and regular press about [their] affair.” 

On the other hand, Blair claims she and Springfield were “really quiet” about their relationship. 


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“We did try to keep it all very sacred and I think we did a good job because it’s something that really didn’t ever hit headlines,” she said in an interview with Studio 10. 

Linda Blair and Rick Springfield’s relationship was strained under the limelight’ 

Despite their compatibility, Springfield and Blair’s relationship didn’t last.

“Really the only reason that we didn’t stay together is being in the industry, it’s very difficult under the limelight,” she added in that same interview. “There’s a lot of scrutiny.” 

In his memoir, Springfield recalls being “pilloried for the whole age-difference thing.” Eventually, he said the media backed off — something Springfield attributed to the controversial roles Blair was taking on as an actor. 

Still, regardless of how public or how private their relationship was, Blair and Springfield share nothing but “positive and good memories” today, according to The Exorcist star. 

Linda Blair and Rick Springfield remain friends

Springfield and Blair’s friendship has continued throughout the years thanks to their love of animals. The two are both advocates for animal welfare organizations, including Blair’s WorldHeart Foundation. Through her foundation, Blair seeks to “alleviate suffering while rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused, neglected, and abandoned animals.” 

In September of 2020, Springfield and Blair teamed up to offer the foundation’s supporters exclusive merchandise. With every purchase, the proceeds went directly into rescuing, feeding, sheltering, and vet care for deserving animals.