Lindsay Lohan Director Defends 2 ‘Falling for Christmas’ Plot Holes

Lindsay Lohan is back in the Netflix movie Falling for Christmas. The film premiered in early November giving fans months to enjoy the Christmas rom-com. Falling for Christmas goes all in on both Christmas movie and rom-com traditions, but if you think there are plot holes its director and producer can confirm they are not. 

'Falling for Christmas': Lindsay Lohan looks at Chord Overstreet in front of the fireplace
Chord Overstreet and Lindsay Lohan | Scott Everett White/Netflix

Director Janeen Damiam and producer Michael Damian spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Nov. 23 about Falling for Christmas. They addressed two of the potential Falling for Christmas plot holes and why they actually make more sense than you realize. 

Lindsay Lohan could really disappear into ‘Falling for Christmas’ town 

When Sierra Belmont (Lohan) gets amnesia, she stays in the North Star lodge while she recovers. Somehow nobody recognizes her despite being a famous heiress. However, filming in Midway, Utah, the Damians believed celebrities really could disappear there. 

“We fell in love with that location when we were filming over there,” Michael said. “To be honest with you, this little town was so small where we shot, they’re sort of in their own little world over there. Midway is its own little cute little Christmas bubble, It’s a Wonderful Life bubble.”

Janeen suspected even local resort magnates could disappear in Midway. 

“It’s a little Christmas magic,” Janeen said. “I’m thinking about Hope Eccles that owns the Goldener Hirsch. If she went over to Midway, if anybody would recognize her. I don’t know if they would.”

Bacon is not a ‘Falling for Christmas’ plot hole 

Before the accident, Sierra said she doesn’t eat bacon. When she tries it at North Star, she decides she loves it. Falling for Christmas never explicitly explains Sierra’s past aversion to bacon, but Janeen said Sierra probably didn’t have that much conviction.

“I kind of always thought that Tad was a vegan or something,” Janeen said. “Sometimes you adopt the habits of your partner and that she was maybe just going along with a fad. Not to say that vegan isn’t an important diet for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. It was just something funny where it felt like maybe Tad didn’t eat bacon so she didn’t either and she never really thought about whether she liked it or not. She just wanted to be cool and hip.”


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Lohan improvised some of the bacon jokes in Falling for Christmas. They even caught Tad actor George Young and Terry actor Chase Ramsay by surprise. 

“Lindsay, she’s pretty funny,” Michael said. “She kind of surprised us all when she walks out of the kitchen later on in the story when she stuffs a piece of bacon into Tad’s  mouth and Terry. She’s walking out and she goes bonk, bonk. Of course, Tad had to spit it out but it was pretty funny. We were having a good time with it.”

Christmas has a history of magical realism 

The Damians said Christmas gives the film a little extra license to be magical. So amnesia and romance and saving the lodge are all part of the magic. 

“Christmas is a special time,” Janeen said. “I think that just going back to Santa Claus, and we all still believe in Santa Claus and that reindeer fly. Actually, I think just giving into the magic of it all is part of the fun and part of what makes it special.”

That’s what Falling for Christmas is about. 

“It’s about family,” Michael said. “It’s bringing people together, it’s taking a break from all the crazy insanity of the world and just for some reason, everything seems to slow down around Christmas. I know it speeds up as far as people shopping and getting into the spirit, but I think it’s a moment where people can actually have a break and just a little bit of escapism too.”