Lindsay Lohan Reveals Which ‘Parent Trap’ Twin Was Her Favorite

The Parent Trap was a hugely popular Disney movie in the 1990s. It features Lindsay Lohan as twins Annie and Hallie who met at summer camp after being separated at birth when their parents divorced.

Annie and Hallie have very different personalities and upbringings. Annie was raised in London with her posh mother. Meanwhile, Hallie grew up in a vineyard in California with her American father. Lohan recently revealed which twin she preferred while working on the film.

Lindsay Lohan wearing a red off-shoulder dress and sitting on a blue chair
Lindsay Lohan | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

‘The Parent Trap’ was Lindsay Lohan’s first big role

The Parent Trap premiered in 1998 and turned 12-year-old Lohan into a movie star. Although Lohan had been in show business since she was a young child, she credited The Parent Trap for inspiring her to continue acting.

“Without this movie, without this, I wouldn’t haven’t gotten that acting bug,” she said during the film’s reunion in 2020 (via Hollywood Life). “How do not only want to act for the rest of your life after doing a film like this with such great actors?”

Lohan added, “It’s timeless and it’s special. It’s just really special. I just feel really blessed and grateful to have been a part of it.”

Lohan’s work as Annie and Hallie also received a lot of praise from fans and critics. She went on to star in more popular movies such as Life Size (2000), Freaky Friday (2003), Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004), and Mean Girls (2004).

Lindsay Lohan reveals which twin was her favorite

Although fans loved both Annie and Hallie, Lohan recently shared that one twin captured her heart more than the other.

“When I was doing The Parent Trap, I remember I wanted to be more like Annie,” Lohan told Vogue, “because she was more preppy and reserved, and she just had a classier twist to her that I really loved.”

Lohan continued, “Hallie was too American for me because I was too used to that, but Annie was my favorite. I always wanted to be Annie.”

The actor also revealed during the reunion in 2020 that Hallie is more similar to her and that people reacted differently to her when she was playing Annie. “I feel like people treated me differently when I was Annie because Annie was so much nicer, and Hallie was kinda like me,” Lohan said.

Lindsay Lohan said switching between the twins was a ‘nightmare’

Lohan had to play two different people, which required different wigs and costumes. According to the actor, there was also something else that made switching between Annie and Hallie difficult on set: Her nail polish.

Lohan shared with Vogue, “I was so strong on the fact that I had to wear nail polish as Hallie, and it had to be the blue Hard Candy. I regretted that later because, when I had to switch over between both characters, it was a nightmare for everyone.”

Nonetheless, during the reunion, Lohan called The Parent Trap a “really incredible learning experience.”

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