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Little Fires Everywhere took viewers into Mia and Elena’s past with its flashback episode,  “The Uncanny.” The show cast Tiffany Boone as a young version of Kerry Washington’s character Mia, and fans can’t get over her spot-on performance. 

Tiffany Boone in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ | Hulu

Who is Tiffany Boone and what else has she been in?

Tiffany Boone is an American actress who has been in a number of popular TV and film projects over the years. Early on in her career, she appeared on episodes of Southland, Grey’s Anatomy, Suburgatory, and Perception. In 2013, she played the supporting role of Savannah Snow in the film, Beautiful Creatures

But Boone’s breakout role came in 2014 when she joined the cast of the FOX drama, The Following as Mandy Lang for its second season. In 2018, she played Jerrika for one season of the Showtime comedy, The Chi. And her most recent notable role was as Roxy Jones in the Amazon Prime drama, Hunters, opposite Al Pacino. 

Tiffany Boone as a young Kerry Washington on ‘Little Fires Everywhere’

In flashback scenes of Little Fires Everywhere, Boone plays a young Mia Warren. The present-day Mia is portrayed by Kerry Washington, and Boone expertly channeled the actress to make it look believable. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boone revealed that Washington helped her develop the character. And she said she studied the actress’ mannerisms and expressions to make sure she emulated them precisely. 

“I focused less on sounding like her, although she had certain rhythms I tried to stick to, but I feel like physically Kerry is such a specific actress and she’s doing really interesting things with Mia in particular,” Boone told the outlet. “So for me to get into the character, I really went from the outside in. I tried to understand her by the physical choices she was making, watching every hand movement.”

Boone also revealed that after understanding and adopting Washington’s physicality with the role, she was able to take it in her own direction. “When Kerry cries as Mia, she uses two fingers above her lip to stop her nose from running, and she tilts her head when she’s listening, or she’ll grit her teeth when she’s angry,” she said.

“And I think those things really helped me to get into the character, but I didn’t want to feel shackled to that. Once I felt like it was in my body, I just let it happen and was able to be free and focus on what choices I felt like the character would be making.”

Fans can’t get over Boone’s spot-on acting in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’

Boone’s portrayal of a young Mia was spot on, and fans couldn’t believe how perfect her emulation of Washington was.

“This actress, Tiffany Boone, completely took my soul away playing the younger version of Kerry Washington’s character in Little Fires Everywhere,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I’ve never in my life seen an actor embody every single component of another person the way Boone did. She literally became Kerry.”

“Can we just talk about how good Tiffany Boone did playing a younger version of Kerry Washington.. from the breaths to her speech to her mouth movements,” another fan tweeted.

“Some are also suggesting that Boone should get an award for her performance,” tweeted a fan. “Go ahead and hand Tiffany Boone her Emmy nomination for her role in Little Fires Everywhere. Sis has all Kerry Washington’s mannerisms down! It was wild to watch.”

“Wait, Tiffany Boone as Kerry Washington as Mia Warren,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “Awards. Now.”