‘Little Women’ and 2 September K-Dramas Coming to Netflix

Netflix is continuing its long-term plan to develop and air worthwhile K-dramas. The year has proved fruitful with hits like Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Tomorrow, All of Us Are Dead, Thirty-Nine, and plenty more. Going into fall, K-drama fans are getting a lot from Netflix from drug cartels, life lessons, and a story about three sisters for September.

‘Once Upon a Small Town’ stars Red Velvet’s Joy

A heartwarming ‘Slice of Life’ K-drama and romance is coming to Netflix in September. The drama Once Upon a Small Town stars K-Pop idol-turned-actor Joy in one of the leading roles as police officer Ahn Ja-young. She stars alongside Choo Yeong-Woo, who plays the lead as Han Ji-yool.

Ji-yool works as a veterinarian in Seoul until he receives a phone call from his grandfather. Sounding serious, he ventures to meet his grandfather in Heedong Village. When arriving, he realizes his grandfather has left to travel Europe and left his animal clinic in the hands of Ji-yool.

Meanwhile, Ja-young has always planned to become a police officer in her hometown of Heedong Village. Dedicated to helping people, she is always first at the scene. She soon meets Ji-yool, and romance blossoms.

Once Upon a Small Town K-drama will air on Netflix on Sept. 5 and are every Monday and Wednesday.

‘Narco-Saints’ is a riveting September crime K-drama on Netflix

Series based on the dark underbelly of drugs and crime are catnip for viewers. It is time for K-dramas to get in the game, and Netflix will premiere Narco-Saints in September. The K-drama is based on the actual events of an ordinary entrepreneur forced to help the government catch a drug lord.

Ha Jung-woo stars as Kang In-gu, a man who opens his business in Suriname, South America. But unfortunate events lead his life to danger as he is forced to cooperate with NIS agents. In-gu must infiltrate and find Jeon Yo-hwan, played by actor Hwang Jung-min. Yo-hwan is a drug lord working out of Surinam.

Narco-Saints also stars Squid Game actor Park Hae-Soo as Choi Chang-ho. The K-drama will air on Netflix on Sept. 9 and have six episodes.

‘Little Women’ is a Netflix September K-drama with a twist on the Louisa May Alcott novel

Still buzzing from Yumi’s Cells Season 2, actor Kim Go-eun is on to her next leading role in a riveting mystery K-drama. Netflix’s September K-drama, Little Women, is a dark adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same name. The drama centers on the Oh sisters, who find themselves in a whirlwind story among Korea’s elite.

Kim stars as the oldest sister In-ju. She has lived her entire life poor and realized early on that money is everything. Her biggest dream is to live an ordinary life for her and her sisters. But when she finds a bag full of money, she gets involved in the chaos of the rich and powerful.

Actor Nam Ji-hyun stars as the middle sister, In-kyung. She is a dedicated news station reporter. Unlike her sister, she does not care for riches. When an old case from her early years resurfaces, In-kyung begins to investigate. All of Us Are Dead actor Park Ji-hu stars as In-hye, the youngest sister. She goes to a prestigious art school with her natural talent but gets overwhelmed by her sister’s love.

Little Women also stars Squid Game actor Wi Ha-joon in the role of Choi Do-il. His role is a bit of a mystery as he graduated from a prestigious university and gets involved with In-ju. The K-drama airs on Sept. 3 on Netflix, every Saturday and Sunday.


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