‘Little Women’ and 4 of Wi Ha-joon’s Best K-Drama Roles – Ranked According to IMDb

Korean actor Wi Ha-joon stars in the K-drama adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women. The drama is a loose interpretation focusing on three poor sisters when the eldest gets caught up in a scheme worth millions. The actor plays the handsome role of Choi Do-il. While Little Women is Wi Ha-joon’s most recent role, he has other K-drama roles that are some of the best that rank high on IMDb.

Wi Ha-joon as Choi Do-il in 'Little Women' and best K-drama roles.
Wi Ha-joon as Choi Do-il in ‘Little Women’ and best K-drama roles

‘Squid Game’ led Wi Ha-joon to become a global star

K-drama fans were already well aware of Wi’s acting career. But once he starred in Squid Game, he gained a new level of global fame. In Hwang Dong hyuk’s dark reality K-drama, he starred as detective Hwang Jun-ho. Amid Seong Gi-hun joining the Games after his life again is in shambles, he meets Jun-ho.

Jun-ho has been searching for his missing brother for years. The only clue to his brother’s disappearance is linked to the Games, the calling card, and missing persons cases. To find more information, he infiltrates the Games as a guard. He never expected his brother to be the one person he never expected, the Front Man.

Squid Game is not one of Wi Ha-joon’s ultimate best K-drama roles, as it has an IMDb score of 8. It did put him on the map with global fans. They were stunned by his character’s finale and hope to see him return in the second season. Watch the K-drama on Netflix.

‘Bad and Crazy’ has the actor as a figment of a detective’s imagination

Soon after his role in Squid Game, Wi Ha-joon was scheduled to star in the crime K-drama Bad and Crazy alongside Lee Dong-wook. But this role has an exciting twist with Wi’s character, K. Ryoo Soo-yeol (Lee), who is a more than capable detective but would do about anything to get a promotion and some praise. He might even be corrupt.

But his once tarnished soul gets a wake-up call when he meets the mysterious K. He appears at the worst possible moments and comes off as crazy and wanting to seek justice at all costs. The two characters get caught up in a murder mystery tied to corruption. But K is not all he appears to be.

Bad and Crazy has an IMDb score parallel to Squid Game with an 8. Fans can watch it on iQiyi.

‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ K-drama is one of Wi Ha-joon’s best romance roles to date

The 2019 K-drama is often regarded as a heartwarming story. Romance is a Bonus Book focuses on two childhood friends who find themselves supporting each other and developing something more. Kang Dan-i (Lee Na-young) is a divorced single mother and was once a talented copywriter. But she finds herself jobless and needing help.

On the other hand, her childhood friend Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk) is a successful author and chief editor. When he needs help finding a housekeeper, he is unaware Dan-i is the one doing the work. When learning the truth, he decides to help her and get a job at his company.

But no romance is complete without a love triangle. Wi Ha-joon enthralled fans with one of his best romantic K-drama roles as Ji Seo-joon in Romance is a Bonus Book. Seo-joon is a freelance book designer who crosses paths with Dan-i. He is also looking to work for Eun-ho’s company. But Seo-joon and Eun-ho butt heads when he develops feelings for Dan-i.

Romance is a Bonus Book has a score of 8 on IMDb, and fans can watch it on Netflix.

’18 Again’ stars the actor as a baseball player who falls in love with a Noona

The 2020 romance K-drama, 18 Again, sounds familiar as it is a remake of the Zac Efron movie, 17 Again. Jung Da-jung (Kim Ha-neul) and Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang-hyun) married as teens after falling pregnant. Now adults, they have 18-year-old twins and are getting divorced. When his life is in shambles, he wishes to return to his glory days of 18.

One day, he miraculously wakes up in his teen body but with the same 37-year-old mindset. He goes under a new name, attends his twin’s school, and tries to save his deteriorating relationships. But Dae-young’s wife, a JBC intern announcer, meets a star-studded baseball player, Ye Ji-hoon, played by Wi Ha-joon. Ji-hoon begins to develop feelings for her.

18 Again is one of Wi Ha-joon’s best K-drama roles, with an 8.2 score on IMDb.

‘Little Women’ is Wi Ha-joon’s best K-drama role to date, with a high IMDb score

Netflix’s newest K-drama, Little Women, is likely Wi Ha-joon’s best new role. The drama focuses on the Oh sisters, who have lived their life being poor. Kim Go-eun stars as the eldest sister, Oh In-ju, with actor Nam Ji-hyun as the middle sister In-kyung. They both work hard to give their little sister, In-hye (Park Ji-hu), a good life attending a prestigious art school.

When In-ju’s only friend gets caught up in trouble, she becomes in possession of millions of dollars. In-ju gets caught up in the world of the elite and a complex conspiracy and corruption. Wi Ha-joon stars Choi Do-il, a devilishly handsome university graduate.


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He works for the same company In-ju’s friend does and gets involved with In-ju to solve a mystery. Little Women has an IMDb score of 8.9. Watch Little Women on Netflix.