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Christy McGinity is busy preparing for the arrival of her third child, but she had some legal issues to clear up ahead of her April 2020 due date. Namely, the Little Women: LA star wanted to get her divorce finalized and her name reverted back to her maiden name ahead of the arrival of her new baby. She has officially checked both tasks off of her “to-do” list, but there is still the pesky issue of marital property to deal with.

Christy McGinity’s divorce is official

McGinity has a lot to celebrate, including the official end of her marriage to Todd Gibel. A judge has officially signed off on the divorce, granting the soon-to-be mother of three single status. Gibel, by proxy, is also legally unattached. Besides being lawfully single, McGinity was also awarded a name change.

When McGinity married Gibel she took his name during their marriage, but after the separation, McGinity was in a rush to return to her maiden name. According to insiders, McGinity didn’t want Gibel’s name to appear anywhere on her new baby’s birth certificate. Gibel is not the father of McGinity’s child. McGinity, who announced her pregnancy last year, plans to name her new daughter Violet. McGinity’s boyfriend, Gonzo Carazo, a New York resident, is the father.

Christy McGinity was hoping for an annulment

When McGinity and Gibel announced their split,  she was dead set on having her marriage annulled. According to Celebrity Insider, McGinity alleged she and her husband of five years never consummated their marriage. She also claimed, in court documents, that Gibel had financially defrauded her.

Gibel has vehemently denied both allegations and refused to agree to an annulment. Several media outlets have suggested that McGinity was interested in an annulment because it would prevent her from having to pay spousal support. A divorce would make it possible for Gibel to seek financial help from his former wife. According to court documents, Gibel has, in fact, been seeking financial assistance, but it is not known if his request was granted.

The former couple still have some things to hash out

While McGinity has her maiden name back in time to give birth, there are a few issues the former couple still needs to hash out with a judge. The judge presiding over their case has legally signed off on the divorce, but they have yet to divide their marital assets. TMZ has reported that a dog named Elvis, is at the center of the battle.

The couple adopted Elvis from Vanderpump Dogs when they were still married.  The dog was surrendered by McGinity when the couple split.  The dog was then apparently adopted back out by Vanderpump Dogs to a member of McGinity’s family.  Gibel is arguing that the dog is marital property and should be returned to him. He claims he had no idea the dog had been surrendered.