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When Paul Rudd is involved in a sitcom, most polling would suggest that his show should go on as long as possible. Rudd is hard to beat when it comes to comedy.

The premise of his newest endeavor — Living With Yourself — is that Miles, Rudd’s character, accidentally clones himself. This action results in Kate (Aisling Bea), his on-screen wife, having to choose which iteration of Miles she wants to pick: the original or the clone.

While the series gave viewers closure, it also left the door open for a second season. This has fans wondering if Living With Yourself will return for Season 2.

What is ‘Living With Yourself’ about?

This somewhat dark and existential show is about the character Miles Elliot, his wife, Kate Elliot, and Elliot’s clone. Rudd is also an executive producer of the series.

Throughout the series, both versions of Miles are competing for Kate’s affections. Despite both embodiments of Miles have the same DNA, clone Miles was the upgraded version. Clone Miles held real feelings and sentiments since he possesses the same memories as real Miles. The only difference is he didn’t actually experience any of it.

Kate ultimately picks her husband after straying for a bit with clone Miles because she realizes she’s just as jaded as her husband.

Season 1 of ‘Living With Yourself’ leaves the door open for Season 2

In the series, original Miles and Kate were having problems conceiving during the first season. In the last episode, Kate has an announcement: She’s pregnant.

Does that mean that Clone Miles, the perfect version of Miles Elliot, was the obvious birth father of the infant? That’s not to say that original Miles could not have had a miraculous one-time strike. From a genetic standpoint, the child is Miles’ but who exactly fathered the baby is unclear.

Either way, there’s enough fodder to fill several more seasons of Living with Yourself due to this one revelation. Original Miles handles the pregnancy in a Solomonic manner. He tells his wife and Clone Miles that the three of them will become “a family.” They will all live together and raise the new child.

It sets up a great premise for season 2. For one, will clone Miles be involved in the child’s life? Will the trio agree on child-rearing philosophies? Will Kate’s feelings towards the clone change?

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘Living With Yourself’?

Paul Rudd attends the premiere of Disney And Marvel's "Ant-Man And The Wasp."
Paul Rudd | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

When creator Timothy Greenberg created the first season, he wanted to leave the door open for a continuation of the sci-fi/comedy series. The final scene in Season 1 was fine-tuned, according to Greenberg.

Greenberg adds that he and Rudd have enough ideas to keep the show going for at least one more season if the audience wants more.

Even though Rudd is not usually a regular episodic series television kind of guy, he did play Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe’s boyfriend on 17 episodes of the beloved show Friends. Still, Rudd prefers other genres than television.

“Paul had never done TV before. He was very leery of getting into some open-ended thing and playing a character forever,” Greenberg says. “I wrote the story that I had in mind. We did tweak it a bit so that it could be the one season, and then we’ll just see where it goes from there. I have ideas for what could be future seasons. But we definitely talked about how we wanted it to have an arc this season that was entire unto itself. 

Greenberg, it seems, is ready to use many ideas he did not add to the first season of the show for what is currently a phantom Season 2. Fans are waiting for more news as to the show’s status. If you want to take a crazy guess about the show’s return or not, your chances for being correct are about 50/50 at this time.