‘Locke & Key’: How Many Episodes Are in Season 3?

Locke & Key Season 3 is just days away, and few fans can contain their excitement. Based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s comic books of the same name, the Netflix fantasy series delivers a thrilling tale about a family home filled with magical keys and the demonic threats that come with them. Viewers will surely want to binge season 3, as it marks the saga’s conclusion. Here’s how many episodes fans can expect in the third season.

Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke in Locke & Key Season 3 Episode 5
Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, and Darby Stanchfield as Nina Locke in ‘Locke & Key’ Season 3 | Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

‘Locke & Key’ Season 3 sees the Locke family battle a new villain

The first two seasons saw the Locke kids — Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) — try to outsmart a demon known as Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira). Now, in Locke & Key Season 3, the trio faces a much bigger threat: Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand). This pre-Revolutionary War captain is back from the dead as an Echo and ready to use his demonic powers to rule the world.

Gideon isn’t the Lockes’ only problem, though. A surprise reveal at the end of the season 3 teaser trailer showed that Dodge is somehow back for revenge. Plus, at 18 years old, Tyler would forget the existence of magic and be unable to help unless he uses the Memory Key. Thankfully, the Locke kids can still find help in their mom, Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield), and uncle, Duncan Locke (Aaron Ashmore). Will it be enough to take down the Black Door’s demons for good?

How many episodes are in ‘Locke & Key’ Season 3?

Locke & Key Seasons 1 and 2 both had 10 episodes each. Unfortunately, Locke & Key Season 3 is slightly shorter with only eight episodes. On the bright side, a shorter season may reduce filler content, leaving only the show’s most exciting and crucial moments. At the time of this writing, the episode titles have not yet been revealed.

Fans can watch the new season at their own pace, as all eight episodes will drop at once. Netflix will release season 3 on Aug. 10; the streaming service typically adds new episodes at 12 a.m. PT, which converts to 3 a.m. for fans on the east coast. Of course, viewers will need an active Netflix subscription to check out the final episodes of Locke & Key.

Season 3 will close out the Netflix series

Many fans felt crushed earlier this year to learn that Locke & Key Season 3 would be the final installment. However, as showrunners Meredith Averill and Carlton Cuse told Deadline, three seasons was always the plan.

“Once we began working on the series, we felt three seasons was the ideal length to bring the story of the Locke family and their Keyhouse adventures to a satisfying conclusion,” the showrunners said in a joint statement. “As storytellers, we are grateful that we had the opportunity to tell our version of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s incredible story exactly the way we wanted. We’re keeping the magical keys, though, for our own personal use.”

Locke & Key Season 3 premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, Aug. 10. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates on the final season.

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