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Elle King married Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson in 2016. The two married in secret after only knowing each other for days. King and Ferguson’s relationship went on to be tumultuous, and the two announced their breakup in 2017. In a 2018 interview with People Magazine, the country singer went into detail about how her marriage with Ferguson was “destructive.”

Andrew 'Fergie' Ferguson and Elle King attend the 50th annual CMA Awards
Andrew ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Elle King | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Elle King married Andrew Ferguson in 2016

In February 2016, King married Ferguson after only knowing him for a few weeks. The two ended up marrying in secret, and went on to have what King told People Magazine was a “destructive marriage.”

“When I love, I love very hard,” King told People Magazine. “We were two young, crazy people.”

Speaking with People Magazine, King admitted her marriage to Ferguson was spontaneous.

“We got married three weeks to the day after we met — and you don’t know a person after three weeks. I didn’t know him, and he didn’t know me. It was a crazy time.”

She added that while the two did announce their engagement after meeting, no one knew initially that they were married.

“Nobody knew because I thought my mom would f***ing kill me,” King said.

Elle King and Andrew Ferguson announced their breakup in 2017

TMZ reported that Ferguson was arrested for domestic violence against King in April 2017, but the felony charge was later dropped.

King then announced her initial split from Ferguson in May 2017. It was not public knowledge that King and Ferguson were married until their plan to break up was announced.

“It crashed and burned, but when we got married, it was out of absolute, sheer love,” King told People Magazine about the relationship. “But eloping is now out of my system.”

She added, “It’s not that I wouldn’t wanna get married again, I just wouldn’t wanna go through a divorce again — because that’s pretty s*****. It can make you feel like a failure.”


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Elle King has since moved on

Speaking with People Magazine in 2018, King did admit that she was still “a romantic” when it comes to love, even after her relationship with Ferguson.

“I still, of course, believe in love. Totally. And I think that having that kind of belief and faith is what will bring goodness into your life,” she said. “I’m a romantic.”

King is currently engaged to tattoo artist Dan Tooker, and she gave birth to a son in September 2021.

Elle King will co-host CMA Fest 2022

This year’s CMA Music Festival was held from June 9 to June 12 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. On Aug. 3, a three-hour broadcast featuring performances from CMA Fest 2022 will air on ABC. Dierks Bentley and King will be co-hosting CMA Fest 2022.

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