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Miranda Lambert loves spending quality time with her husband Brendan McLoughlin. The two own an Airstream trailer and use it to travel together. Over the past few weeks, Lambert and McLoughlin have been “glamping” with their friends across the country.

Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert attend the 2022 TIME100 Gala
(L-R) | Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin have been ‘glamping’ together

On July 5, Lambert took to Instagram to announce that she and McLoughlin kicked off a “glamping” trip with friends Gwen Sebastian and Louis Newman.

“Time off touring means it’s time to hit the dusty trail! There is no better way to spend summer than glamping with your best pals,” Lambert wrote on Instagram. “We’re out on a 20 day run of adventures out west. We kicked it off in beautiful Colorado. Stay tuned for more tales from the road. Happy trails y’all!”

After taking their Airstream to Colorado, the group stopped in Utah at the Arches National Park and Strawberry Bay Campground. Lambert, McLoughlin, and their friends then posted an update in Jackson, Wyoming, on July 16.

On July 19, Lambert posted a final update from the trip while in Montana.

“Meet me in Montana forever,” Lambert wrote on Instagram. “Thanks to Gwennie’s family for the great hang and high note to end on. What an amazing trip. ( thanks to @jed_i_night for planning the adventures of The Sherriff & Toodle Lou) Best summer ever.”

Throughout their trip, Lambert posted photos of the group hiking, relaxing by the Airstream trailer, whitewater rafting, enjoying picnics, and more.

When Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin bought their Airstream trailer

Lambert and McLoughlin married in January 2019 and they primarily reside on Lambert’s farm in Nashville, Tennessee. In a recent interview with Esquire, Lambert revealed that she took “a break” from making music in 2020 and spent quality time with McLoughlin.

“I’ve never taken a break that long ever,” Lambert told Esquire. “And it really made me realize a lot of things about how I’ve been on the grind for so long. I felt better, my body felt better. My husband and I were pretty much newlyweds, and we really got to spend such great time together.”

Lambert also shared that the two bought their Airstream trailer for traveling during this time.

“We bought an Airstream, and we camped up to see my stepson in New York, and went on the road, just us two, and it was really cool. I think that really built some strength in our new marriage,” Lambert said.


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The country singer wants to spend more time traveling with her husband

Lambert and McLoughlin’s recent trip seems like only the beginning for the couple. Speaking with Esquire, Lambert admitted that at this stage of her career, she wants to focus more on “the life part.”

“When I start thinking about my goals for the next decade, a lot of it is life stuff,” Lambert told Esquire. “I want to take my Airstream down Route 66 with my husband—and I also want to maybe write a song and get an Oscar nomination. But I can balance those two things way better when I’m dreaming about the life part, and not just the career part.”