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TL; DR: 

  • Maya Rudolph plays Molly Novak née Wells, a billionaire living in an extravagant home in the Los Angeles area, on Loot.
  • Her home is actually the Bel Air mansion known as “The One.” 
  • The mansion clocks in at 105,000 square feet with 21 bedrooms, 49 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, and five swimming pools. 

Maya Rudolph’s mansion on ‘Loot’ has it all

It’s immediately clear in the pilot episode of Loot that Rudolph’s character has an over-the-top lifestyle. Everything is larger-than-life. Her ex-husband, played by Severance’s Adam Scott, gives her a superyacht for her birthday.

Their home, which Molly keeps in the split, is equally as flashy. Everything is bigger, grander, and more luxurious. She has expansive ocean views from her bedroom, a sleek kitchen, cavernous-like foyer.

When she gives Sofia Salinas, played by Pose’s Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, a tour of the place, Molly shows her a bowling alley, her closet that resembles a designer boutique, and more. 

Then there’s the rainbow of sports cars lining the driveway and swimming pools. Not to mention, the kitchen staff — complete with an accomplished chef — can make anything and everything. And, as Molly tells Sofia, they’ll have it ready in seven minutes. 

‘The One’ Bel Air mansion serves as Molly’s home on ‘Loot’

According to Architectural Digest, Molly’s mansion on Loot is “The One,” a massive property in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. “The One” is among the largest homes in the U.S., with a whopping 105,000 square feet. 

Only two homes clock in with more square footage. They are the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, and Huntington, New York’s Oheka Castle. Although both are no longer private homes. They currently operate as a museum and hotel/wedding venue.

So what does 105,000 square feet of space include? 21 bedrooms and 49 — yes, 49 — bathrooms. Additionally, there are five swimming pools (a few of which Molly’s staff are seen enjoying on Loot). Plus, a 40-seat movie theater and a 30-car garage. Another feature is a 5,500-square-foot bedroom suite. 

Molly’s ‘Loot’ mansion last sold for $126 million

Rudolph’s fictional home on Loot comes with a big price tag. According to Architectural Digest, “The One” went up for auction in February 2022. Prior to that, it had been built over the course of eight years. However, it was never completed. 

Richard Saghian, the billionaire CEO of Fashion Nova, purchased the mansion for $126 million. The total price, including auction house commission fees, came to $141 million. Considering Molly’s net worth is $87 billion on Loot, “The One” is well within her budget. 

‘Loot’ also built interiors on a soundstage


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Although a number of Loot scenes were filmed at “The One,” the people behind the series also created some of the interiors on a soundstage. According to Architectural Digest, Loot’s production design team led by Jennifer Dehghan built some of the interiors on set. So not every scene that takes place in Molly’s mansion is actually what “The One” looks like. 

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