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Molly (Maya Rudolph) is dating again after her divorce. Or is she? In the July 22 episode of the Apple TV+ original series, Loot, she has a confusing afternoon with Jean-Pierre (Olivier Martinez). Is it a date or isn’t it? She’s not sure. Meanwhile, Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) and Howard’s (Ron Funches) blossoming friendship comes to a screeching halt when Nicholas learns how Howard’s girlfriend really feels. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Loot Season 1 Episode 7: “French Connection”]

‘Loot’ recap: Molly’s not sure if Jean-Pierre’s vineyard invite is a date

Jean-Pierre is the talk of the office in Loot Season 1 Episode 7: “French Connection,” which began streaming on July 22, 2022, according to Apple TV. Sofia, who is played by Pose’s Mj Rodriguez, finds out what she can about him online. He’s single and, based on his Instagram photos, got out of a relationship seven or eight months ago. 

Just as they’re researching Jean-Pierre, the French billionaire texts Molly. He invites her to his vineyard. Is it a date? Molly’s not sure. After agonizing over what to wear she arrives at Jean-Pierre’s vineyard. Within the first few minutes she thinks it isn’t a date. Jean-Pierre’s working and she’s dodging rats. Not exactly romantic. 

Then things change. Jean-Pierre says he made up an excuse to attend a local charity event of Molly’s just a few days earlier. They have wine on the terrace. Jean-Pierre says Molly is unlike other women he knows. “What I’m trying to say is, Molly, you are everything,” he tells her. 

Then the mood changes and his “partner” — business or romantic, Molly’s not sure —  Jacqueline shows up. Molly franctically asks Sofia to find out everything she can about Jacqueline. A quick search tells her the blonde French woman is Jean-Pierre’s business partner, nothing more.

Nicholas tells Howard his girlfriend thinks he’s not ‘husband material’

Ron Funches and Amber Chardae Robinson in 'Loot' Season 1 Episode 7: 'French Connection'
Ron Funches and Amber Chardae Robinson | Apple TV+

In Loot Season 1 Episode 7: “French Connection,” while Molly’s at Jean-Pierre’s vineyard, Howard and Nicholas make plans for after work. Howard invites Nicholas to have dinner with him and his longtime girlfriend, Tanya (Amber Chardae Robinson). 

After a rocky start (Tanya argues with Howard over liking another woman’s Instagram post), Tanya reveals to Nicholas she doesn’t think Howard’s “husband material.” 

Later, Nicholas tells Howard what Tanya said. Howard, who unbeknownst to Nicholas has been on a video call with Tanya, doesn’t believe it. Tanya denies it, going so far as to accuse Nicholas of lying. Howard ends the conversation by telling Nicholas they’re no longer friends.

Jean-Pierre confesses he has romantic feelings for Molly

Olivier Martinez looks on in 'Loot' Season 1 Episode 7: 'French Connection'
Olivier Martinez | Apple TV+

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Molly’s afternoon at Jean-Pierre’s vineyard continues. She talks business with him and Jacqueline. 

Later, Molly leaves thinking Jean-Pierre only invited her there to pitch a business idea to her. As she leaves, crestfallen in a chauffeured SUV, Jean-Pierre follows her on horseback.  

Molly’s chauffeur pulls the car over and Jean-Pierre hops off his horse to admit he wasn’t sure if this was “romantic or just kind of business.” 

“I wanted to keep this professional because I think we can do great work together but there is this connection between us, right?” he asks Molly. She agrees and while she talks about the word, “partner,” being confusing, Jean-Pierre pulls her in for a kiss.

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