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It’s a big day for Molly (Maya Rudolph) and everyone at the Wells Foundation in Loot Season 1 Episode 9: “Cahoga Lake.” There are not one but two surprises at the office in the Aug. 5 episode of the Apple TV+ workplace comedy. Plus, Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) lands a new role.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Loot Season 1 Episode 9: “Cahoga Lake”]

‘Loot’ recap: Molly and Sofia make announcements at the office

In Loot Season 1 Episode 9: “Cahoga Lake,” which began streaming on Aug. 5, 2022, according to Apple TV, Sofia, played by Pose’s MJ Rodriguez, shares an update on the zoning proposal. The board of supervisors is greenlighting the foundation’s housing project, and everyone’s invited to watch the vote. 

Then comes the second surprise. Molly brings in Jean-Pierre (Olivier Martinez) to announce they’re all going to the Silver Moon Summit. Not only that but while there she and Jean-Pierre will give a “super special” presentation on a water filtration machine.

Soon after, Nicholas gets a surprise of his own. Remember when he auditioned for a play in the July 1 episode of Loot? Well, the small role he landed is suddenly a big one. He’s now playing the lead in “Cahoga Lake.” 

Nicholas tells Howard (Ron Funches) about the new development, and they spend the rest of the day preparing. Along the way, Howard breaks up with his longtime girlfriend. 

Molly gets a pie in the face after the zoning meeting

Nat Faxon, MJ Rodriguez, and Maya Rudolph sit next to each other in a scene from 'Loot' Season 1 Episode 9: 'Cahoga Lake'
Nat Faxon, MJ Rodriguez, and Maya Rudolph in ‘Loot’ Season 1 Episode 9: ‘Cahoga Lake’ | Apple TV+

The zoning meeting doesn’t exactly go as planned. There’s a slight hiccup during the vote. One after another, local residents slam Molly (“You are disgusting!”) and the housing project. However, despite the negative comments, the project is approved. 

Molly’s in for a surprise on her way out of the meeting. And it’s not a good one. “Eat s**t, billionaire,” someone yells at her as they throw a pie in her face. Arthur steps forward to protect Molly, but he too gets a pie thrown at him. There to witness all of it — and get pie on her clothes — is Sofia. 

At the police station, Molly and Arthur have a moment. For a few seconds, their witty banter is back. Then, on a more serious note, Molly thanks him for being her “bodyguard.” Arthur replies, saying he had the sudden urge to protect her. 

The moment is over just as fast as it began when Jean-Pierre shows up to take Molly home via helicopter.

‘Loot’ Season 1 Episode 9 recap: Molly doesn’t stick around to see Nicholas’ performance in ‘Cahoga Lake’

Maya Rudolph and Olivier Martinez sit next to each other in chairs during a scene from 'Loot' Season 1 Episode 9: 'Cahoga Lake'
Maya Rudolph and Olivier Martinez in ‘Loot’ Season 1 Episode 9: ‘Cahoga Lake’ | Apple TV+

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Loot Season 1 Episode 9 wraps up with Nicholas taking the stage. Howard, his newly reinstated friend, gives him a pep talk backstage. It must work because Nicholas proceeds to give a moving performance. Howard even tears up and gets to his feet when Nicholas takes a bow.

Meanwhile, Molly’s not there to see her assistant shine. She’s on a private jet with Jean-Pierre when she gets a calendar reminder about the play. Instead of racing to “alleged North Hollywood,” she stays put. 

Molly sends a bottle of champagne, the one she told Nicholas they’d drink together, to the theater as an apology. 

Loot is streaming on Apple TV+ with a new episode dropping every Friday.