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TL; DR: 

  • Molly (Maya Rudolph) had a disastrous appearance on Hot Ones in the June 26 episode of Loot
  • Maya Rudolph “really” wanted to film a scene where her character “completely loses her cool.”
  • The actor shared she’d been “really looking forward” to filming the scene. 
  • Her ‘Loot’ co-stars were there to watch.  

Fictional Molly Novak joined the list of celebrities to go on Hot Ones in Loot. During the June 26 episode appropriately titled, “Hot Seat,” Maya Rudolph’s character didn’t successfully eat wings and drink beer all the while talking up her charitable foundation. Instead, the Apple TV+ original series saw Rudolph’s character meltdown. While it may not have been a good day for Molly, Rudolph was “really excited” to film the hilarious “epic fail.” 

The ‘Hot Ones’ interview on ‘Loot’ was originally supposed to be a podcast 

Molly unexpectedly sat down for an interview on Hot Ones. However, as Rudolph told ET that wasn’t how the episode was originally supposed to go. She revealed the initial idea had been for her character to give a podcast interview. 

The Bridesmaids alum wasn’t immediately sold on the idea. Rudolph wanted Molly to have a meltdown on a bigger scale. “I really wanted to have it be something where she completely loses her cool,” she said. 

So Molly ended up on Hot Ones across from host Sean Evans in a move that surprised everyone at her foundation. Previously in the episode, she’d agreed to interviews on 60 Minutes and NPR

After doubting herself Molly opted for Hot Ones where she proceeded to curse over the spiciness of the wings in between gulps of beer.  

Maya Rudolph was ‘really hoping’ to film Molly’s ‘epic fail’ of a ‘Hot Ones’ interview


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Molly’s Hot Ones interview on Loot wasn’t necessarily a great experience for the billionaire divorcée. As for Rudolph, she couldn’t wait to film the scene. 

“I find that to be incredibly funny and I was really hoping to get to play that ’cause that stuff, when it’s just such an epic fail, like at the jump, is so funny to me that I was really looking forward to it,” Rudolph said. 

The former Saturday Night Live star continued. “Like, if the scale is, like, one to 10, she’s, like, at an eight at the beginning and you have nowhere but to fail up so hard, so quickly. And I really like that,” she explained. 

Rudolph described Molly as a “complete mess” during the Hot Ones interview. “She’s laying on the floor at some point, hallucinating and maybe speaking in tongues,” she said. “So, I love getting a chance to play stuff like that. I think it’s a joy.” 

Some of Maya Rudolph’s co-stars were there to watch her film the ‘magical’ scene

When it came time to film Molly’s interview on Hot Ones the Loot cast was close by. 

“That was a day I think everyone who was on set, who was getting ready to film after that, was at the monitors, watching this tour de force,” Joel Kim Booster, the actor who plays Molly’s assistant, Nicholas, said. 

Molly’s “a much more contained character for Maya,” he added. “So then to get to see her go there and be Maya Rudolph to the Nth degree, it was really something,” he explained, calling it “magical.” 

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, the actor who plays Sofia Salinas, was there too. “I was very happy that I got to have that moment [because] every single last thing that she did was exceptionally amazing,” she said of Rudolph.

Rodriguez confessed to “laughing like a crazy person” during filming. “I was like, ‘Am I laughing too loud, y’all? Am I gonna get in trouble? Maybe I should go to my trailer.’”

A new episode of Loot drops hits Apple TV+ every Friday.