Why Lorde Thinks She Has a ‘Crazy Relationship’ With Her Fans

Lorde is known for her chart-topping music — even if she takes long breaks between albums. For this reason, Lorde thinks she has a unique relationship with her fans. Here’s what the artist said following the release of her 2021 album, Solar Power.

Lorde is the artist behind ‘Royals’ and Ribs’

Lorde on stage in a dress with the audience holding up lights during opening night of her 'Lorde World Tour' at the Grand Ole Opry
Lorde performs during opening night of her ‘Lorde World Tour’ at the Grand Ole Opry. | John Shearer/Getty Images for Lorde

Lorde is the artist behind “Ribs” and “Royals.” She began releasing original music as a teenager, with her debut album Pure Heroine dropping in 2013.

She snagged Grammy Award wins for “Royals,” including those for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. Years later, her album Melodrama was nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy Award.

Even if she “disappears” between releasing new music, Lorde explained that she maintains a unique relationship with her listeners. 

Lorde has a unique relationship with fans

Melodrama dropped in 2017. Then, it was several more years until fans got another album from the “Green Light” singer. 

That was 2021’s Solar Power, complete with singles “Solar Power” and “Stoned at the Nail Salon.” Since its release, each track has earned millions of Spotify plays, with fans selling out live performances across North America. Lorde commented on this during an interview with NME.

“It’s kind of a crazy relationship,” she said about her relationship with fans, whom she affectionately called her “kids.” “I’ll be like, ‘Once every four years, you’re going to hear from me in a massive way, and then not at all.’ So I understand if people decide to tap out.”

The artist even referenced this with the Solar Power track “Stoned at the Nail Salon,” singing, “All the music you loved at 16, you’ll grow out of.”

Lorde sometimes emails her fans about upcoming music

Can you reach her? Yes, you can. Lorde often connects with fans via email, sharing updates about her latest adventures and the songs she has on repeat. (In 2022, that included Rosalía’s album Motomami.) When Lorde canceled her Washington, D.C., performance due to sickness, she personally messaged fans updates on her postponed concerts. 

“These past couple days, I’ve been pushing through some horrendous laryngitis, and I regret to inform you that my voice hasn’t sufficiently recovered to be able to play the show for you,” she wrote. “… All well besides that, and absolutely frothing to party with you when I am able.”

One fan sent her an email sending well-wishes. They tweeted Lorde’s response, saying she was “lucky to have such sweet people in my gang.”

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