Loretta Lynn Once Revealed Which 2 Country Music Legends Were Always at the Top of Her Playlist

Country music star Loretta Lynn once said two of her old friends always topped the massive playlist she kept on her computer.

The legendary singer stayed up to date on music technology for access to new sounds and her favorite classics. But who did Lynn say stayed above the rest on her expansive playlist? And why did those two stars “hold a special place in [her] heart always”? Read on to find out.

Loretta Lynn, pictured in Nashville in 2015, said country music legends always top her playlists.
Loretta Lynn | Terry Wyatt/WireImage

Loretta Lynn was ‘really impressed’ with new technology

In Lynn’s book Me & Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust, a memoir about her friendship with Patsy Cline, she shared that her daughter, whom she named Patsy in honor of Cline, made a playlist of her favorite songs.

“I really am impressed with how all this new technology has changed how folks listen to music and what they are listening to,” she wrote.

“I couldn’t believe all the songs you could find,” she added. “From the newest all the way back to the old ones like the Carter Family’s ‘Keep on the Sunny Side.'”

Lynn guessed she had collected almost a thousand tunes on her playlist, but two artists remained above the others. And longtime fans won’t be surprised, as they were two people she openly adored all her life.

“… At the top is always Patsy Cline, followed by Conway Twitty,” Lynn revealed. “These two hold a special place in my heart always.”

Loretta Lynn revealed Patsy Cline and Conway Twitty earned their spots on top of her playlist

When Lynn arrived in Nashville in 1960, Cline was already a more established star in country music. So, the “Walkin’ After Midnight” singer took the new arrival under her loving wing, solidifying a fast friendship in a business where women were encouraged to be competitors, not companions.

Tragically, Cline died in a plane crash in 1963 at the young age of 30. “I hate thinking about this loss still,” Lynn wrote in 2020’s Me & Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust. “It is as real and as raw to me today as the day it happened.”

Then, when Lynn met Twitty in the late ’60s, they formed a tight bond and a collaborative friendship. They were so close and released iconic duets like “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” so often that many observers thought something romantic might have been happening.

Lynn once said they were never anything more than dear friends, but they shared a deep connection. And she was at the hospital with him when he died in 1993, later disclosing that she begged him not to leave her.

Loretta Lynn said Patsy Cline’s ghost encouraged her when she was ‘feeling really low’

In Me & Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust, Lynn revealed that she saw Cline’s ghost on at least one occasion before she died in October of 2022 at 90. She said the “Crazy” singer appeared to encourage her to keep going when she felt she didn’t want to.

Lynn recalled she’d been away from home and wasn’t in the best health but had a show to play in Vegas. “I was feeling really low,” she noted.

“I was about to turn tail and run when all of a sudden I looked into the audience, and there she was,” she recalled. “It was Patsy Cline!”

According to Lynn, her old friend nodded to her and said, “Go on now, Little Gal. You’ve got this.”

Lynn summoned the strength to get through her show thanks to some encouragement of a supernatural nature, and she predicted she’d be reunited with Cline in the afterlife sooner than later. “I reckon I’ll see her again,” she guessed, adding, “soon enough.”

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