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Late country star Loretta Lynn once shared a story about meeting music icon Rod Stewart on the streets of New York while there for a talk show appearance. The two stars had never met before then. But she said she “got acquainted real fast” by telling him what a fan she was of his. And before their encounter was over, Stewart had allegedly done something for her that he hadn’t done for anyone else in 25 years.

(L) Loretta Lynn, pictured performing in 1985. (R) Rod Stewart in a 1988 portrait.
(L) Loretta Lynn | David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images (R) Rod Stewart | Angelo Deligio/Mondadori/Getty Images

Loretta Lynn encountered Rod Stewart during a visit to New York

During a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman, Lynn revealed she was Stewart’s “biggest fan in the world,” adding, “I’d bug anyone to death that [knew him].”

She told Letterman that after arriving in New York for her appearance on his show, she went to a nearby drugstore and unexpectedly “just walked right up on” Stewart. Letterman wondered if “The Pill” singer knew her music industry peer before encountering each other.

“Well, I did then,” she responded. “I got acquainted real fast.”

Lynn recalled that she was “standing there telling him how much [she thought] of him” and how she would “watch him all the time” when a fan approached the two stars with a special request for one of them.

Loretta Lynn said Rod Stewart took a picture of her with a fan, even though he supposedly hadn’t taken a photo in 25 years

Lynn shared that Stewart initially dismissed the fan, saying, “No pictures, please,” while thinking the individual wanted his attention. So, they clearly stated they wanted a photo with the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer.

According to Lynn, Stewart eventually ended up with the camera, and “he got down, and he took the picture.”

Then, he returned to Lynn and told her, “That’s the first picture I’ve taken in 25 years.”

She told Letterman she thought it was an honor. “My goodness,” she said proudly. “My picture’s been taken by Rod Stewart.”

The host agreed it was a nice moment for Lynn, but, as for Stewart, he added it “took the wind out of his sails, didn’t it?”

78-year-old Rod Stewart is kicking off a world tour in 2023


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In 2022, Lynn died of natural causes at 90 while at her home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Like she once was, Stewart has been a touring musician for decades. He recently announced a 2023 world tour and told fans on Instagram his 78th birthday was a “lovely day.”

Fans sent him messages of love along with birthday wishes, and some shared their joy about the opportunity of seeing him in the future. He’ll visit 29 cities worldwide starting in February and running through November 2023. Classic rock group Cheap Trick is joining him for “a select few concerts,” per the New York Post.

“You are my absolute favorite many concerts I’ve been to and so excited that you are coming to my hometown …,” one fan replied to Stewart’s Instagram post. Another told him he’s “transcended time” by being a “love magnet.”