Lori Harvey Uses Michael B. Jordan as Her Skincare Guinea Pig

Before Lori Harvey started making headlines for her dating life, she attracted the spotlight for hitting the runway and doing beauty spreads.

The model is often complimented for her skin game, and now she’s sharing some of her secrets with the world. As one of the latest celebrities to participate in Vogue’s beauty tutorial series, Harvey revealed that she sometimes taps Michael B. Jordan to be her test subject.

Lori Harvey attends Roc Nation Brunch on February 9, 2019 in Los Angeles
Lori Harvey attends Roc Nation Brunch on February 9, 2019 in Los Angeles | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Lori Harvey dished on her beauty routine

For the first time, Lori Harvey stepped in front of the mirror to give Vogue a rare snapshot of her skin and makeup regimen. In the 15-minute video, she lays out her daily steps that help her achieve a dewy look for her skin.

Among her chosen products are NARS, Fenty, Laura Mercier, Pat McGrath, and Eminence Organic. Harvey shares that her mother inspired her to get into beauty and makeup when she was a child.

Over the years, she’s gleaned tips from her mom, her makeup artist bestie, and Pat McGrath herself on how to handle her skin and makeup routine. They’ve all contributed to her wanting to get into the business side of it too.

One thing that sticks out to fans? Harvey states that she was taught “prevention is better than correction” and doesn’t skip out on eye cream. Further, she dropped a bomb by telling Vogue viewers that she has plans to launch her own beauty brand, and she’s been formulating her own products.

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Harvey says Michael B. Jordan is her skincare product tester

While going through her routine, Harvey gave a demonstration with her own personal serum and explains how she created an eye cream and other items. One of her guinea pigs is Michael B. Jordan, whom she did not mention by name.

“I tested all of my products, of course on myself, but I also tested them on my boyfriend,” she said. “He has become my live test model, so now he’s very into his skincare routine as well. And he tells me all the time when he’s on set the makeup artist compliments his skin now.”

Fans know the boyfriend without her saying it. Harvey added that nearly all the men in her life are taking her skincare advice now, including her father, Steve Harvey.

“I gave him all my products and he’s obsessed. And if you were wondering why his skin looks so good lately, it’s ’cause of me,” she said.

She didn’t dish on the name of her beauty line or when to expect it on the market, but Harvey is dedicated to her products’ effectiveness.

Jordan did his own video with Vogue

Back in 2017, Jordan did a quick Vogue vlog session for a special edition of “73 Questions.” This was before Black Panther dropped and his popularity expanded. The video is still on Vogue’s channel and fans can check out the inside of Jordan’s house and see his sweet parents.

When asked about his celebrity crush four years ago, he didn’t have one. Now, he and Harvey are happily attached and sharing skincare rituals.