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Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers. Louise is often considered the coldest of the Belcher children. She schemes and is rarely vulnerable, even with her family. Still, Louise does show rare moments of love and vulnerability, particularly with her father.

One other character that brings out Louise’s emotional side is Regular Sized Rudy, Louise’s classmate and friend. Louise often feels protective of Rudy but also brings more chaos into his life. In “The Hawkening, Look Who’s Hawking Now,” Regular Sized Rudy makes an appearance.

Bob's Burgers
Bob’s Burgers | Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Louise and Bob host a movie screening in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

The Bob’s Burgers episode opens with Louise and Bob excitedly planning to host a movie screening for Hawk & Chick Vs. The Cephalopod Monster. The Hawk & Chick movies are literally Bob and Louise’s thing, and the two are clearly possessive over their favorite movie series when the rest of the family tries to bond with them about it. To make the movie screening more exciting, Shinji Kojima, the actor who played Hawk, will attend the screening.

At school, Louise stands up in the cafeteria and invites all the students to the movie screening. Her classmates at Wagstaff do not care about the movie or Shinji Kojima. When Regular Sized Rudy shows up and classmates fawn over his broken arm and cast, Louise downplays his injury by saying he will not have the cast forever.

Rudy’s crush Chloe Barbash gives Rudy superficial attention as a way to mock Louise that nobody cares about the movie screening. After lunch, Tina’s classmates decide to throw a Castaway party for Rudy getting his cast off. Because they want to do the party the same day as the movie screening, Rudy tells them he plans to attend the screening.

Louise forges a check in her parents’ name

The plan for the movie screening was for attendees to watch a super rare director’s cut of Hawk & Chick Vs. The Cephalopod Monster. When the collector of the film hears the screening will be held in a small restaurant instead of a theater, they ask for a $1,000 deposit as collateral. Bob tells the head of the fanclub the family cannot afford the deposit in case something were to go wrong. 

Wanting to gain attention back from Rudy, Louise forges a check in her parents’ name to secure the movie. However, at the screening, Shinji runs off with the second reel of film. Louise’s scheme in Bob’s Burgers spirals out of control with the possibility her family could lose $1,000 they could not afford to lose. With the help of Shinji’s daughter, the family tracks down Shinji.

Knowing her plan messed up, Louise begs Shinji to share what is bothering him to try and stop him from destroying the film. He reveals that he had another actor’s scene cut because of how talented the other actor was. Shinji did not want to lose the attention and look bad once the actor’s talent became known.

Louise releases she owes Rudy an apology in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

After Shinji’s revelation, Louise realizes she did the exact same thing to Rudy. She was so distracted with planning the movie screening she never even signed Rudy’s cast even though he saved space for her. At the end of the Bob’s Burgers episode, Louise invites Rudy to a two-person Castaway party.