‘Love After Lockup’: Lindsey Downs’ Destruction of Scott Bradshaw’s House Set in Motion the Actions That Landed Her Back in Jail

If you’re not watching Love After Lockup, you’re missing out on a slew of drama-filled confrontations and bad relationship decisions. It’s great reality TV, though, especially with the recently featured couple Lindsey Downs and Scott Bradshaw.

Downs first appeared on Love After Lockup in 2020 when she was newly released from prison. The WE tv show documented the former model’s fresh relationship with Scott, an older man who moved to live nearby Downs and her daughter. Things went well until they didn’t. Since then, Downs is back behind bars. Here’s how the drama unfolded, and trust us, it’s a cat-and-mouse, he-said-she-said story that you won’t believe.

Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs’ destructive relationship hit rock bottom in season four

Lindsey Downs speaks during a confessional on 'Love After Lockup'
‘Love After Lockup’ star Lindsey Downs | WE tv via Youtube

Some fans can’t say they’re surprised that Downs is back in jail. In an exclusive Starcasm interview, she shared her side of the story, including the series of events that led her back to getting locked up. Downs’ story begins with her struggles with drugs and subsequent relapse upon her release from jail.

Despite the relapse, she blames what happened next on her now-ex-boyfriend, Bradshaw.  During a few Love After Lockup episodes, fans watched the couple feud as Downs insisted Bradshaw had cheated on her with prostitutes. As TV Shows Ace reports, Downs took her anger to Bradshaw’s office, where she destroyed things and carved profanities words into his desk as the cameras rolled.

Bradshaw pressed charges for destruction of property

In her interview, Lindsey Downs said that after she had moved out, her former lover took things to a whole new level. He not only called the police about her destructive outburst in his office, but he also claimed she damaged other property, including a laptop, printer, and Xbox. Downs admits to ruining the desk but says Bradshaw’s other claims were unfounded. Regardless of what really happened, the charges were enough to bring that dollar amount of damage done to a felony-level charge.

Bradshaw’s calculations added up to big trouble for Downs. But crises are something she tends to find on her own. After posting her $500 bond to get out on those felony property destruction charges, Downs tripped up again. 

The WE tv star faced charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, referring to the BMW she had test-driven at the time of her arrest. Downs also may face charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of an unlicensed, potentially stolen firearm. Both are violations of her parole. However, she denies the 9mm pistol and roughly 20 grams of methamphetamine in the glove box were hers.

During her interview, Downs explained that the BMW she was test-driving featured a key fob and push-button start. “I didn’t have an attachment to the fob,” a piece that would unlock the glove box. She claims it never occurred to her to even check the glove box. She went on to say that she “had people in and out of the car all morning” and let someone else borrow the car for a run to McDonald’s. 

How long is Lindsey Downs expected to be in jail?


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Love After Lockup might still be in the cards for Downs. For now, she’s back in jail and potentially awaiting additional charges that could affect her sentencing.

Downs expects to be released in March of 2022. Sources also point to additional charges that may still be looming from 2020, which could change her release date. Downs doesn’t seem worried about those, however. She says that if she’s indicted, she’ll be able to “deal with those charges” upon her release from federal prison next year.

It’s hard to know how things will shake out for Downs and Bradshaw. But it sure makes Love After Lockup interesting to watch.