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Lindsey Downs appeared on WE tv’s reality show Love After Lockup in 2020. She was certain she’d found love with Scott Bradshaw, who was her pen pal while she was in prison. But when Downs was released and moved in with him, the results weren’t exactly a fairy tale.

The relationship ended in a volatile fight. Now, Downs has returned to prison. But she hasn’t given up on finding love. 

Lindsey Downs is looking for love on … again

'Love After Lockup's' Lindsey Downs gives a jailhouse interview in 2021
Lindsey Downs of ‘Love After Lockup’ gives a jailhouse interview in 2021 | Sharrell’s World via Youtube

Downs’ chance at love with Bradshaw ended badly. Now that she’s back behind bars, she’s set up a profile on, a website that connects inmates with people who want to exchange letters. Downs’ WriteAPrisoner profile states that she is a Pisces who is “emotional” and “creative.” She writes that she loves to read books, especially fantasy novels. 

Downs admits on her profile that she hasn’t had great luck in the past on WriteAPrisoner, but she’s made the choice to “take a chance and put myself back out there.” She’s clear that although she’s open to friendships, she’s really seeking a romantic partnership with “someone who wants to create a long term and meaningful relationship.”

The last time we saw Downs on Love After Lockup, she was in a toxic relationship in the real world. Since she’s back to looking for love on WriteAPrisoner, it’s clear that things have changed. How did she end up back in prison?

Downs’ relationship with Scott Bradshaw didn’t last

Downs and Bradshaw’s time together was characterized by conflict and unhappiness — and Love After Lockup filmed a lot of it. However, according to Starcasm, Downs says that the WE tv show didn’t show the full picture of their relationship.

While viewers saw her going through Bradshaw’s phone and carving swear words into his desk with a pair of scissors, they didn’t see his toxic behavior toward her. She claims that he went through her journal, even making photocopies of what she wrote. Downs says that two weeks after they finished filming, Bradshaw threw her possessions in the front yard of her mom’s home. 

He also gave her a letter, predicting what he thought would happen in her life. Bradshaw believed that Downs having access to a car would mean that she would get in trouble within 30 days. He expected her to return to using drugs and go back to what he called her “slutty ways.”

Lindsey Downs returns to prison


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At least part of Bradshaw’s list turned out to be accurate. Downs was arrested three times after her release, once for the damage she did to his property. During one of her arrests, the police found drugs and a gun in her car. So she was promptly sent back to prison for violating the terms of her release. 

Starcasm reports that Downs’ daughter Mylie Grace is being cared for by her mother, Brenda. “She was obviously very disappointed in my getting locked back up,” Downs explained, “but we will get through all of this and be stronger for it.”

Today, Downs is focused on making a life for herself, even as she finishes her prison sentence. She’s making merchandise to sell online as a way to fill her time in prison. She’s trying her hand at Cameo, making personalized videos for fans who pay a fee. She’s also considering trying her hand at Only Fans, but she says she’s not familiar with the platform yet. 

All things considered, Downs seems optimistic about the future. She believes she’ll reunite with her daughter and find an enterprise to support them. She may even find love along the way.