‘Love After Lockup’: The Burning Question Fans Have About Vince and Amber

Love After Lockup is one of the most intriguing shows on television. Millions of people have a guilty pleasure, and most of us have to admit that this is definitely it.

Not too many people imagine that they will fall in love in prison, no matter what side of the bars they are on. Yet, for the people in this amazing docuseries, that is exactly what happens. Entering into a new relationship, no matter if you are the prisoner or the one on the outside looking in, may seem pretty easy.

After all the barriers will eventually be gone, and you are free to see where your new love takes you. However, for those who appear on Love After Lockup, they find that there are a few bumps along the way.

Six couples are featured on the show, and while some are fairly predictable, Vince and Amber have left many people wondering. So, what is the burning question that so many fans have about Vince and Amber?

How did Vince and Amber get started?

The 'Love After Lockup' cast
Dr. Ish Major, Brandi Glanville, Jon Gosselin, Nick Viall, Rachel Lindsay, Caitlyn Jenner, Tori Spelling, Bob Eubanks and Sherri Shepherd | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for WE tv

Nowadays, we tend to hear many stories regarding how various couples met. Usually, they began their relationship on a dating website, were introduced by mutual friends or even knew each other on a platonic basis for years before turning romantic. Vince and Amber got their start in quite a different way.

According to WE tv, Vince sent a whopping 10 letters to various inmates, unsure of whether any of them would even write back. He was quite surprised when he heard from Amber, and he liked her upbeat attitude and personality, which made him feel connected to her on a deeper level.

Incarcerated for drug trafficking, it was two years before Amber finally has a chance to meet the man who wrote to her so randomly, yet when she finally does, she thinks that she really loves him.

Although Amber is now released from prison and is free to pursue the relationship as she pleases, she has concerns. Although both of them are hoping for the best, the relationship has its ups and downs.

The relationship didn’t last

Sadly, things didn’t really work out as either of them had hoped, and Vince and Amber eventually ended up calling it quits on their relationship. So, what exactly happened?

Well, Heavy reports that Amber was questioning her own feelings for Vince, and even fans of the show were wondering if she was really that committed.

It turns out that she wasn’t, and she and Vince really didn’t have that much trouble moving on from each other. 

The burning question that fans have about Vince and Amber?

Over time, fans came to the realization that Vince and Amber’s relationship wasn’t exactly a healthy one. She wasn’t always honest with him and didn’t really give him the affection that he truly deserved. Not only that but Amber also a prison pal, a woman nicknamed “Puppy,” and the two of them were planning a major scam on Vince.

So, what is it that fans are dying to know? Well, the burning question is about the new woman that Vince was spotted with. It was actually much to everyone’s relief to find out that he is with someone new.

Who is the mystery woman?

According to Soapdirt, no one is exactly sure of her name, although Vince looks absolutely smitten. Reddit even reports that so many fans are genuinely happy for Vince, and feel that he found a woman who he is really meant to be with.

His new girlfriend seems to like and appreciate him just as much as he does her, and we have to say, we are bursting with happiness for both of them.