‘Love After Lockup’: This Star Posts About All the Things We Didn’t Actually See in Season 2

Love after Lockup may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about the dramatic storylines that played out before us. The way that some of the relationships ended was truly heartbreaking.

One such relationship was that of Caitlin Gainer and Matt Fraser. The two met online when Fraser was serving time for previous crimes. Gainer was so sure that her relationship with the convict would work out that she even distanced herself from her mother after her mother objected to her being with Fraser.

Things almost immediately turned sour when Fraser got out of jail and the two moved into his mother’s house. The couple constantly argued and couldn’t seem to get on the same page about anything.

When Gainer’s mother died unexpectedly, Fraser was unable to support her and the two decided to spend some time apart. During their less than 24 hour separation, Fraser was arrested for felony possession of a stolen vehicle.

The show followed as Gainer paid her boyfriend’s bond only for him to get out of prison and completely ignore her. The two went their seperate ways at the end of the show and are no longer together.

Though Gainer shared a lot about her journey on the show, there is still so much information that we didn’t learn from the season.

Gainer is still married

This wasn’t Gainer’s first try at long-lasting love. She’s actually been married twice before. According to Starcasm, she was first married in 2006 and then again in 2008. The second marriage only lasted a few weeks after the wedding but she is still legally married to him.

She has a child

During the season, reports started circulating that Gainer actually had a child. After weeks of stories spreading, she finally took to Instagram to set the record straight.

“Yes, I’ve had failed relationships/marriages,” she wrote. “Yes, I do have an INCREDIBLE child, that I DO NOT have custody of, he is however in the VERY BEST place he could possibly be.”

She struggled with alcohol

The show focused mainly on Gainer’s mother’s and Fraser’s problems with drugs and addiction, but on Instagram, Gainer revealed that she also has a past with substance abuse.

“Yes, I have had many struggles in life with many things including a major struggle with an addiction to alcohol,” she wrote.

“I also battle a pretty good case of anxiety/depression on the daily,” she continued.” I’ve been through some sh** y’all, we all have… but I’m sitting here today, not drunk, doing the best that I can to clean up whatever messes have been made and get my feet on a more stable ground.”

“Trying to learn and grow from what I’ve been through, and become stronger because of it. Better,” she continued. “One day at a time. Checking one thing at a time off my list. Life is hard y’all, but I’m trying. I’m not here to be perfect, just real. Anyone salty can just go find themselves a cookie, or two.”

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