‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Jokes About Her ‘Muffin Top,’ Calls Out Body Shamers

Tracie Wagaman was best known as Clint Brady’s “Goddess” on WEtv’s Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. But the always-tumultuous exes finally split for good, and they’ve both moved on to new partners.

Wagaman is now happily dating 30-year-old Lucas Loera. The 40-year-old, who has long been dealing with on-again, off-again incarceration and addiction issues, recently revealed she also had a fling with Matt Baier, Amber Portwood’s ex-fiance from TLC’s Teen Mom OG.

The Love After Lockup star has maintained a love-hate relationship with fans after her time on the show. Most recently, she took to Instagram to defend herself against body-shamers in the wake of criticism over her revealing outfit.

Wagaman’s low-rise jeans drew critical comments

On Nov. 4, Wagaman shared an Instagram photo of herself in low-rise jeans and a tank top that drew strong reactions from many fans. The Love After Lockup star promoted her OnlyFans account, sharing a smiling snapshot of herself in a skimpy red top with low-slung jeans, a silver belt, and a glittery, pink face mask for good measure.

Many Life After Lockup viewers immediately pointed out that Wagaman looked healthier than ever, especially because she lost a great deal of weight while admitting she was dealing with a relapse. But others body-shamed her, joking about her “muffin top” and telling her she should have opted for a less revealing outfit.

“That muffin is spilling over,” one critic wrote.

“High rise or a size up jean would be better!” another Love After Lockup fan snarked.

“I think those jeans are a size too small,” yet another agreed.

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The ‘Love After Lockup’ star clapped back in a second post

 But Wagaman has never been one to shy away from clapping back at critics – and it looks like she didn’t take her followers’ body-shaming lightly. In a second Instagram post, the Love After Lockup star directly took on the “muffin top” and weight gain-related comments by juxtaposing her recent photo with one of a literal muffin.

“WHO WORE IT BETTER?!?!” she began her post sarcastically. “This Thursday I am throwing it back to a few hours ago when some of y’all reminded me I can’t do a damn thing right!”

Referencing Brady’s infamous “motherf*cking crack” comment, Wagaman pointed out that she didn’t feel she could please her critics, no matter what she did or how she looked.

“If I post a picture where I look skinny I am on M*THA F*CKIN CRACK and if I have put on weight y’all point out that I look fat,” she wrote.

She added in a healthy dose of her own snark, writing, “I took a look at some of y’all’s pics- the people who made the nastier comments- and some of y’all have no f*cking business talking about ANYBODY’S looks.”

The outspoken Love After Lockup star ended her post with yet another sarcastic call-out: “I can’t decide if I am going to smoke m*tha f*ckin crack tonight or eat m*tha f*ckin muffins.”

Fans supported Wagaman for speaking out

Although Wagaman has always been something of a controversial figure, her straightforward, no-holds-barred openness has endeared many fans to her. Her anti-body-shaming post was no exception, leading many of her Instagram followers to praise her for not backing down after the criticism.

“You look great! Just continue to do you,” one of Wagaman’s supporters wrote. “Haters will always look for ways to cut you down.”

Other Life After Lockup viewers pointed out that no one should be shaming Wagaman for her looks or weight gain, given her history of mental health and addiction issues. Particularly in her case, they argued, weight gain could be a sign of improved health.

“I’m always glad when you put on a little weight,” one such fan commented. “It’s a sign you’re well. Ignore people being rude.”

Another Love After Lockup fan agreed with Wagaman that it didn’t seem she could win with some fans, no matter what she did with her life.

The Instagram user pointed out that Wagaman seemed to be in a constant catch-22, writing: “Wow y’all rude AF 🙄 If she was too skinny u be saying she’s smoking crack, if she has a little meat on her bones, u make fun of her for having a muffin top smh.”

Wagaman added a word of gratitude to those who supported her, commenting on her own post: “I should have said thank you to all of the people who made nice comments and who always make nice comments- I do appreciate you!”

Since then, Brady’s ex has continued to share sweet posts about her new man, in addition to promoting her OnlyFans platform – so it seems she didn’t take the negative comments too much to heart.