‘Love After Lockup’: Which Couples Are Still Together?

If you haven’t been watching Love After Lockup then you are truly doing yourself a disservice. The show has all of the intrigue and anticipation of 90 Day Fiance but with an added layer of Cops.

Love after Lockup
Brittany and Marcelino Santiago|Instagram: @brittany.loveafterlockup

But just as with other reality dating shows, making the love last, even throughout the season much less once the cameras stop rolling, is hard. So, which season two couples are still going strong?

What is ‘Love After Lockup’?

Love After Lockup follows the relationships between civilians and prisoners. Most of the couples on the show met while one of them was in prison. The series follows as the prisoner gets out of jail and the couples try to make things work out in the real world.

Scott Davey and Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Kommes

Scott Davey and Elizabeth Kommes were featured on both seasons one and two of the show.

Kommes was set to be released from prison in season one of the show, but ended up not getting out after she was caught with drugs and a phone in jail. On season two of the show, she was finally released after nine years of being in prison.

While she was in jail, Davey had been sending her money, amounting to over $90,000. When she was released, she expected him to keep up with his financial obligations to her, but eventually he had to admit that he was broke.

“If you don’t have no money, I don’t need you,” she told him.  “I’m done. Bye Scott!”

The two are no longer together.

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman

Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman had a tumultuous relationship from the very beginning. After getting released from prison, Wagaman left Brady on their wedding night to go find drugs. Brady didn’t hear from Wagaman for eight days after the wedding because she had been arrested again. When she was released, the couple was able to patch things up. The two renewed their vows on Mar. 31, 2019 and are still together.

Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier

Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier’s relationship was doomed from the start. When Fraiser got out of prison, he and Gainer moved in with his mother. It wasn’t long before Frasier was up to his old ways, stealing cars and doing drugs. After Fraiser was unable to support Gainer when her mother passed, the two ultimately split up. They have not gotten back together. Gainer is, however, still in touch with Fraiser’s mom, according to her Instagram.

Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago

Fans were a little concerned for Brittany Santiago when she first got out of prison as her boyfriend at the time, Marcelino Santiago seemed a bit controlling. But the couple was able to work through their issues, including Brittany’s feelings for her ex-girlfriend, and were married. They now have a child together.

Megan, Michael Simmons, and Sarah Simmons

Megan, Michael Simmons, and Sarah Simmons had one of the most complicated relationships on the show. Sarah had no idea that Michael was married to Megan the whole time they were dating. He juggled both women throughout the season until Sarah finally confronted Megan and told her that she was carrying Michael’s baby.

Michael ended things with Megan at the end of the season, but things weren’t really over.

According to Reality TV World, Megan admitted on Instagram Live that she still talks to Michael.